Phenom Workshop: How To Use Fit Score With Fast Results

Manual resume reviews and complex boolean searches to find the candidates you need top the list of inefficient sourcing and recruiting practices — especially for high-volume hiring. But how else can you identify best-fit workers?

Phenom Fit Score automates the process and enhances the power of your CRM by automatically reviewing each candidate and assigning a rating — or fit score — based on the skills, title, location, and experience needed for a particular position. This highly personalized AI learns how you hire, incorporates human-in-the-loop feedback, and saves recruiters hours sourcing and sorting candidates.

Join us November 8 at 2pm ET for this customer-exclusive opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Fit Score and how to get started as we:

  • Demystify the AI that’s working behind the scenes
  • Provide guidance on implementation and optimization
  • Showcase its use with screening questions
  • Highlight new releases and integrations
  • Share how organizations are using it successfully


Jordon Brown
Certification Manager

Kait Bartreau
Customer Success Manager

Sean O'Donnell
Product Manager

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