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Six Elements That Make or Break the Employee Experience 

Part 1: Employee Experience 4-Part Webinar Series

In the wake of massive workplace changes, organizations must do more to encourage employee engagement and internal mobility. Simply posting open roles on an internal job board is no longer enough. Designing an engaging Employee Experience in today’s landscape requires new concepts, new strategies, and new tools.

Watch this livestream event on demand, as Tom Tate, Director of Product Marketing, Jesus Latorre-Socas, ​​Lead Product Manager, and CEO and Founder of Tandemploy, Jana Tepe, explore six core elements of a modern Employee Experience and how to start designing for the future of mobility.

You’ll learn:

  • A strategy to take employee experience beyond internal job listings
  • Six areas to design an engaged workforce
  • The evolution of talent marketplaces
  • The role of AI and personalization in career pathing


Tom Tate
Director of Product Marketing

Tom Tate

Jesus Latorre-Socas
Lead Product Manager

Jesus Latorre-Socas

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