TXM Workshop: The Power of CMS Translations

We live in a globalised world with job seekers spanning all languages. Learn how to reach them with your global career site and the Phenom CMS.

The Phenom CMS makes it easy for your teams to create and manage site content and translate your content into any language to support your global business operations and brand consistency.

Watch this live session on-demand to discover how to use the translation features in your CMS, and get best practises and use cases that empower your teams to create accurate and localised translations. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a translation project 
  • Manage translations for multiple language subtenants
  • Verify and edit translations
  • Export and import translation files
  • Leverage use cases and best practises


Margo van Roon
Certification Manager

Margo Van Roon

Branka Nikolic
Product Knowledge Manager

Branka Nikolic

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