The Key To Unlocking Successful High-Volume Hiring

With a scarcity of candidates and the competition for recruiting staff raging, your high-volume needs can start to look hopeless.

We’re here to tell you: they aren’t.

Gone are the days of manually reviewing hundreds or thousands of resumes, or the immediate deferral of “silver medal” candidates, or even the relentless back and forth scheduling negotiations.

Join Adam Thompson, Director of Product Development at Phenom and Stacey Smiel on demand to hear how intelligent automation is fundamentally accelerating high-volume hiring.

In 45 minutes, you’ll learn how AI-lead high volume hiring can:

  • Reduce time to hire as well as hiring costs
  • Deliver highly personalized job recommendations to candidates via chat
  • Engage with job seekers 24/7 — deskless, 3rd shift, or remote
  • Pre-qualify candidates based on specific job roles
  • Fast-track 1:1 or group interviews
  • Promote more active involvement for hiring managers


Adam Thompson
Product Director

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