Candidate Persona Template (Free Download) | Phenom

This template will help you create an outline of the ideal candidate for those hard-to-fill or highly specialized positions within your organization so you can better attract and engage with talent.

A candidate persona is a representation of what the ideal candidate for a particular role at your company looks like.


Your candidate personas should be a healthy balance between the aspects of your company that a rock star candidate would be attracted to and the skills, personality, and background you're looking for in that candidate. 


If you are just getting started, you don't need to create a candidate persona for every open position at your organization. Begin by focusing on the high priority ones right away. This includes those positions requiring high volume hiring or those hard-to-fill and niche positions. 


This template is designed to help you paint a clearer picture of your ideal candidate so you can better attract and engage them to want to work for your organization.


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