Evolve, Mature, Innovate: How to Choose the Right Workforce Intelligence Tech

Understanding the skills and competencies available within an organization is essential to employee development and retention — but many leaders struggle to establish an effective, simple approach that can scale.

As a result, workforce intelligence technology has emerged as the solution to accelerate workforce planning, provide in-depth insights into each employee, and offer personalized growth opportunities within the company.

Watch on demand to learn everything you need to know about workforce intelligence, including how to:

  • Identify the different levels of workforce intelligence technology maturity and where your organization currently falls

  • Adopt and deploy the right technology that will accelerate your skills architecture

  • Create a personalized approach to achieving your goals

  • Justify budget and receive executive buy-in for your technology plans


John Deal 
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Employee & HR Experiences, Phenom

Lora Kantorovich Headshot

Lora Kantorovich
Product Director, Employee Experience

Young professional planning her company's path with Workforce Intelligence tech

Watch on demand

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