Designing for Empathy: Accessibility in the Candidate Experience

What is Inside:

From video interviews to virtual recruiting events, many of us have transitioned to a virtual world. But is it an accessible one?

As we continue moving towards digital experiences, it’s important to ensure every candidate touchpoint—whether on a career site or with a chatbot—is inclusive. Not only will this help job seekers today, it will also future-proof your candidate experience long after the economy recovers.

Learn how to design a candidate experience with empathy and empower people with disabilities to navigate your career site, learn about your organization, and apply for a job. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to adopt an inclusive mindset
  • How to ensure your career site is accessible—and continues to be after adding new content
  • Where to go to learn more about providing equal access to jobs


  • Parker Bettis, Product Manager, Phenom
  • Sean ODonnell, Product Manager, Phenom
  • Suman Damera, Principal Accessibility Engineer, Phenom
  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing Specialist, Phenom

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Parker Bettis
Product Manager

Sean O'Donnell
Product Manager

Suman Damera
Principal Accessibility Engineer

Devin Foster
Product Marketing 

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