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Designing the Ideal Employee Experience

What is Inside:

An organisation’s workforce is their number one investment. So how can HR teams empower employees to grow and thrive?  

Learn how to design an engaging employee experience that fosters professional development, brings visibility into internal career opportunities, and promotes brand advocacy. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll learn how to design an ideal experience that:

  • Develops employees through career pathing and internal mobility
  • Encourages referrals to support recruiting initiatives
  • Celebrates company culture and facilitates employee resource groups


  • Benoit Hardy-vallee, Associate VP, Talent Experience Strategy — Europe, Phenom 
  • Joyce Cornelissen, People Manager — Europe, Phenom
  • Gabi Zitman, Director Customer Success— Europe, Phenom
  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing, Phenom

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