Experience Phenom: TXM Demo Day

Leveraging AI, machine learning, and automation, Phenom continues to drive and dominate talent experience, a rising category of HR technology that unifies and personalizes the entire talent ecosystem, empowering enterprises to accomplish their biggest goals.

As HR now enters a golden age of hiring and talent mobility, enterprises are hard-pressed to tackle insurmountable challenges, while meeting the experience expectations of candidates, employees, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Join us on Thursday, July 29 at 11AM ET / 8AM PT for a 2-hour live event as we demonstrate how Phenom is giving organizations a competitive advantage in solving two of today’s top HR initiatives: hiring thousands of workers with AI and automation, and retaining employees with career paths generated from your enterprise talent graph.

You’ll see real world applied examples with results, platform demos, and hear from our product experts, and learn:

  • How talent experience is reshaping the ecosystem in the wake of societal and technological shifts
  • Why integrating automation and a system of intelligence is critical to hiring frontline talent fast, while still maintaining quality-of-hire
  • What’s needed to engage and evolve employees, reduce turnover, and build a more capable workforce, at scale, in today’s agile talent market


Intro: Redesigning the Talent Experience to Overcome New Talent Challenges

In today’s hiring climate, experience is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s an expectation. How organizations master experience design and deliver will determine if they can successfully compete for top talent.

To do so, employers must understand how the entire talent lifecycle is influenced and unified by individual moments — from the time a candidate visits a career site to when an employee looks for internal development opportunities. As we kick off the day, you’ll discover how Phenom uses data, intelligence, and machine learning to personalize these moments, illuminate best-fit talent, and build a remarkable experience for all.

Session 1: Hiring Frontline Workers Fast with Automation and Intelligence

All organizations that rely on frontline workers are in a massive hiring spree — and industries such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing are under immense pressure to hire fast and fair in an unpredictable labor market. Simply raising your minimum wage and providing monetary incentives will not be enough to win the attention and consideration of today’s eager workers — you must leverage automation and intelligence to drive results.

In this session, we’ll show you how to hire frontline workers by the thousands in less time, while delivering amazing experiences to candidates.

Session 2: Designing The Right Path: Building a Framework for Employee Development and Retention

The pandemic has shifted where and how we work — forcing talent to move between industries, develop new skills, and for some, work remotely from anywhere in the world. Today’s talent has options, and employers must crack the code to keep their employees engaged and growing — or risk losing capable and high-performing workers.

In this session, we’ll introduce a framework that leverages skills, competencies, data-driven career models, and artificial intelligence to enable career development at scale and enhance the employee experience for large enterprises.

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