Stop Compromising: 5 Must-Have Talent CRM Features in 2024

No matter what role you have on a talent acquisition team, your Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool needs to work for you. 

Whether you’re a sourcer operating in an ATS-centric environment using any means to get applicants, a recruiter working with a "cutting-edge" CRM that doesn't "cut" it at all, a talent marketer grappling with outreach tools that have taken a step back, or a talent acquisition leader struggling to report on efficiency, spend, and outcomes, then this webinar is for you.

Watch our discussion with Phenom’s Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Ljuba Bogdanovich, to gain a new perspective on what you should expect out of a proper CRM.

Some of the many topics that will be covered include:

  • Essential tech features for every talent acquisition team

  • How AI and automation factor into the equation

  • The challenge of complex HR tech stacks and how to manage multiple systems

  • Getting buy-in for solutions from your HRIS/HRIT team

  • What a proper talent tech transition should look like


John Harrington
Senior Director, Product Marketing

Ljuba Bogdanovich

Ljuba Bogdanovich
Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition

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