Gigs and L&D – A Winning Combination to Drive Employee Retention and Reduce Costs

When retention is at stake, employee engagement and development is a requirement — but a successful internal mobility program is just the first step.

Do employees know when to make their next career move? Do they know what skills they need to level up? Are they being overwhelmed by too many learning options?

Watch this livestream event as Phenoms, Tom Tate and Jesus Latorre-Socas discuss how to better connect with your employees, where they are, and where they want to go by providing a seamless employee experience with clear goals and objectives.

We’ll explore how to:

  • Implement an internal gig program
  • Create skill-building opportunities that map to career goals
  • Bridge skills gaps with personalized learning
  • Empower HR and L&D teams with AI-powered technology


Tom Tate
Product Marketing Manager

Jesus Latorre Socas

Jesus Latorre-Socas
Product Manager, EX

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