Got Gigs? Discovering Untapped Skill Sets Within Your Team | Phenom

How to fill short-term projects & upskill employees with an internal talent marketplace

The importance of gig work is increasingly relevant in our rapidly changing world. While workers accustomed to being “on location” in factories, offices, and typical job sites find themselves setting up impromptu home offices, managers are struggling to maintain productivity, positivity, and engagement.

Join Devin and Sumita from Phenom on Thursday, April 23rd at 2pm ET / 11am PT for a live interactive webinar to learn how to craft a gig program and leverage an internal talent marketplace.

A successful gig program can:

  • Unlock internal agility
  • Foster remote collaboration, productivity, and transparency
  • Upskill and enrich existing talent
  • Reduce outsourcing costs


  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing, Phenom

  • Sumita Mehta, Product Manager, Phenom


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