The Inside Track: Mastering Internal Sourcing and Referrals

Talent managers and HR leaders understand that employees are a treasure trove of untapped talent. The key? Uncovering them.

Enter Phenom Talent Marketplace and Referrals.

Join us July 24 at 2pm ET as we discuss how these foundational pieces of technology for both internal sourcing and mobility can help you:  

  • Raise internal applicants with hyper-personalized campaigns

  • Reduce the cost of hiring by diversifying talent pools with internal talent

  • Replicate your best employees with skills and referrals

  • Enhance recruiter productivity and streamline workflows

  • Foster a cohesive and inclusive company culture

Whether you're a talent manager looking to bring your team to the next level, a talent acquisition leader struggling for insight into internal talent, or an HR leader looking for leading strategies to build a healthy workforce from within, this workshop is for you!


Jordon Brown
Certification Manager

Sarah Zero

Sarah Zero
Customer Success Manager - Enterprise

Group of female colleagues standing around table talking.

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