Phenom Workshop: CVM’s Top AI Tips & Tricks

Looking to up your recruitment game? Phenom’s Customer Value Managers have the answers you’re looking for — especially when it comes to better understanding where and how AI fits into your existing TA strategies. 

Join us May 30 at 2pm ET for this exclusive opportunity to upskill and stay ahead of the competition with our platform experts who were once TA professionals themselves. 

During the workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to integrate and optimize AI for the biggest impact

  • Tips and tricks to match best-fit candidates to open positions

  • Best practices to ensure ethical and unbiased use of AI


Jordon Brown
Certification Manager

Ellen Hughes, Phenom

Ellen Hughes
Customer Success Manager

Hannah Madden, Phenom

Hannah Madden
Customer Value Manager

Phenom Workshop CVM’s Top AI Tips & Tricks Webinar Hero

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