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Back to Work: Successful Talent Recovery Starts Now

How to revamp your campaigns to fortify talent relationships and bounce back

What is Inside:

Companies starting to re-engage alumni, current employees and new talent in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic should restrategize their recruiting approach. 

Employees and job seekers emphasize workplace policies and culture much more than they did pre-pandemic — and it’s critical for employers to showcase these details to attract and convert best-fit candidates. 

Find out what's needed for a competitive, successful talent recovery strategy and get your team back to its full potential.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage and campaign to alumni employees 
  • Re-evaluate the benefits strategy 
  • Rebuild the pipeline for a fresh restart

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Devin Foster
Product Marketing Manager

Holly Pennebaker
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Jacqueline Ricciardi
Jr. Solutions Consultant