Support Former Employees with a Thriving Alumni Network | Phenom

Many organizations have been forced to lay-off or furlough many of their loyal workers, leaving millions unemployed and many more impacted. For people-first employers, this can be challenging. How do you balance the need to downsize with a desire to serve struggling former employees? How do you keep them informed in the event your team begins hiring again?

An alumni network allows you to continue engaging and providing for people beyond employment.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn how a thriving alumni network can:

  • Ensure your company values resonate with previous employees
  • Keep alumni engaged and active for when your company has open roles
  • Reduce the communication challenge of responding to past employees individually
  • Build a strong and competitive employer brand in your market

If you currently don’t have a business email address, no problem. Please contact us at and describe your last role.


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