Talent Codes : The Unwritten Rules for the Workplace

In the HR world, there are plenty of legal obligations we have to tiptoe around—and for good reason. But then there are those unwritten rules—the ones we know (or don’t know) we should abide by to ensure the entire talent experience, from candidates to recruiters to employees to management, is a phenomenal one.

And that’s why we created this book—to have a little fun and give an (overdue) shoutout to the under-the-radar rules we follow on a daily basis. These talent codes include:

  • Never settle on a candidate. You deserve better!

  • Don’t be the “I’ll know them when I see them” hiring manager (you really won’t).

  • No matter what position you hold, you should never dish out a limp handshake—at work or in life.

So grab your favorite beverage of choice, find a cozy spot, and dig in. We promise you’ll laugh at least once.*

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