The Essential Talent Acquisition Toolkit | Phenom

Three templates to help your team connect with top talent

Every interaction you have with candidates is an opportunity to make an impression, establish a connection, and ultimately inspire them to join your team. To help you create unforgettable experiences for candidates, we packed this toolkit with resources that enable you to add a touch of personalization every step of the way:

  • Candidate Journey Template: The best way to personalize the candidate experience? Map out every single touchpoint with this template, and identify how you can enhance those interactions.
  • Candidate Persona Template: What does your ideal candidate look like? Use this template to get a clearer picture and easily attract and engage top talent.
  • 7 Must-Have Email Templates for Recruiters: Email allows you to stay connected with job seekers. These templates will help send more meaningful emails to candidates, overcome writer’s block, and boost efficiency.


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