Think Like A Marketer: Tips To Attract, Engage & Acquire Top Talent

How to breathe new life into your employer brand & content

What is Inside:

From your career site and chatbot to email and SMS campaigns, you create a lot of content. But how can you ensure it's captivating the right talent and getting them to join your company?

It’s time to think like a marketer.  

Join us as we explore the many parallels between the way marketers attract customers and TA attracts talent. You’ll learn from the pros about the fundamentals of marketing, and how they can fortify your talent acquisition efforts and breathe new life into your employer brand, messaging, and strategies. 

In 45 minutes, we’ll cover how to:

  • Consider “the marketer’s mindset” in your day-to-day recruiting
  • Make your content, email campaigns, and outreach more engaging
  • Craft the ideal candidate journey
  • Leverage tools & tactics to create smarter job seeker segments 



Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager, Phenom
Monica Montesa, Content Marketing Manager, Phenom

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