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Top Predictions HR Can’t Miss in 2021

Top trends & cutting-edge HR tech for enhancing the talent experience

What is Inside:

With 2021 officially underway, it’s time to examine the biggest trends, and put them to work within talent acquisition and management teams. 

After a tumultuous 2020 propelled virtual recruiting, internal gig work, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and more into the spotlight, this year will be all about diving deeper into those topics — and remaining agile.

Watch on-demand to explore the top HR trends for 2021, as well as gain actionable takeaways to get started, including: 

  • Mastering virtual recruiting & video interviewing
  • Ensuring Diversity, Equity & Inclusion throughout the talent journey 
  • Optimizing skills gap analysis & gigs
  • Utilizing the latest AI-powered HR tech

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Keca Ward
Sr. Director, Talent Experience, Phenom

Keca Ward

John Deal
Director of Product Management, Phenom

John Deal

Holly Pennebaker
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Phenom

Holly Pennebaker

Devin Foster
Product Marketing Manager, Phenom

Devin Foster