Transforming the Talent Journey with Phenom | Phenom

Providing precise personalization, employee upskilling, efficient scheduling, and more.

We unveiled four new additions to our Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform to empower the world’s top HR teams to do just that – create and illuminate meaningful experiences, upskill and enrich employees, and cut the operational overhead that reduces productivity and inflates budgets.

During this live webinar, we'll take a look at each release and their positive impact on the candidate, employee, recruiter, and management experiences. You'll learn:

  • How 1-to-1 personalization individualizes each candidate's end-to-end talent journey

  • How the gig economy can help you upskill your internal talent

  • The easiest way to cut down on candidate interview scheduling

  • Ways to leverage AI and Machine Learning in today's talent acquisition landscape


  • Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager

  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing Specialist


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