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Automate It: Using Automation to Schedule Candidate Interviews with Ease

How to reduce frustration and hire faster with AI-powered omnichannel scheduling

What is Inside:

Scheduling a single candidate interview, let alone multiple interviews, can be a recruiter’s most time-consuming task.

Spending your day juggling calendars keeps you from truly connecting with best-fit talent.

The solution is simple. Automate it!  

Join us as we explore how automated scheduling can help you book interviews at scale, coordinate with internal teams, provide a remarkable candidate experience, and win back your day. 

In 45 minutes, we’ll cover how to:

  • Use different channels (email, chatbot, SMS) to automate the scheduling process
  • Leverage Phenom to sync candidate and team schedules
  • Craft the ideal candidate journey
  • Tap into AI-powered technology that lets candidates self-select their interview times 



Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager, Phenom
Jesus Latorre-Socas, Product Manager, Phenom

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