Virtual Campus Career Fairs: How to Stand Out & Attract Emerging Talent | Phenom

Tips and tricks to help you make an A+ impression, engage new job seekers, and stay connected post-event

What is Inside:

Virtual campus career fairs are a recruiter’s biggest opportunity—and challenge. As companies expand their search for fresh talent beyond local colleges, the competition will be fierce.

So how can recruiters adapt their strategies to stand out and make an impact in a virtual world?

Explore new ways to engage with talent during virtual university recruiting events. In less than 45 minutes, we’ll explore how to:

  • Virtually convey your employer brand and company culture
  • Leverage internships and gig work
  • Campaign post-event to stay connected and convert new leads
  • Communicate with Gen-Z job seekers

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  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing Manager, Phenom
  • Keca Ward, Sr. Director, Talent Experience, Phenom

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