How to Infuse AI Throughout the TA Experience | Phenom

What does AI really mean—and how can it boost recruiter productivity? (P.S. It’s not just about chatbots!)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword—according to Forbes, 80% of enterprises are investing in AI today. So how exactly can AI help recruiters hire top talent?

Watch this webinar as we cut through the hype and identify practical ways AI boosts recruiter efficiency and enhances the talent experience. We dive deeper into how AI impacts:


  • Conversational recruiting. Engage candidates and reduce time-to-hire with email, SMS messaging.

  • Connecting data sets. Connect the data from all your talent funnels: external talent, employees, college students, and alumni.

  • Crowdsourcing. Motivate existing employees to recruit individuals from their networks.

Learn how to ensure your AI algorithms have a feedback loop that helps your AI get smarter.


  • Ed Newman, Chief Evangelist, Phenom People

  • Cliff Jurkiewicz, VP, Strategic Solutions, Phenom People