What is Talent Experience Management? | Phenom

A new approach to transforming the talent journey

The headaches of HR cannot be solved by hacking together HCM, ATS, job boards, spreadsheets and analytics systems.

Talent demands have changed, and organizations are failing to meet them. Candidates apply to jobs and never hear back. Hiring managers struggle to fill open positions. Recruiters are overwhelmed by the current talent shortage. And employee turnover is the highest its been in years.

Talent Experience Management (TXM) is the answer.

During the webinar, we covered the industry shift to Talent Experience Management, how it affects each experience, and ways organizations can use it to help:

  • Candidates find the right job

  • Recruiters be more productive

  • Employees evolve into the best talent

  • Management get the insights they need



  • Jonathan Dale, VP of Product Marketing

  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing Specialist

  • Kumar Ananthanarayana, Director of Product Management