Phenom Workshop: Fast-Forward Your Screening Process with One-Way Interviews

Say goodbye to traditional, time-consuming screening processes and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of narrowing down the right candidates with Phenom One-Way Interviews (formerly Video Assessments). 

Join us October 31 at 10am ET for a customer-exclusive workshop and end-to-end overview of this game-changing product for candidates, recruiters, managers, and hiring teams. You’ll learn how to:

  • Screen more candidates faster with confidence and convenience

  • Empower managers with tools to meet growing hiring demands

  • Apply an equitable approach to screening candidates, at scale

  • Master-craft questionnaires for candidate excellence

  • Choose the screening methods that satisfy your use cases (video, audio, or text-based)


Jordon Brown
Certification Manager

Markus Hertlein Headshot

Markus Hertlein
Product Manager

Brittany Schiavone Headshot

Brittany Shiavone
Customer Success Manager

Fast-Forward Your Screening Process with One-Way Interviews

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