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Video Hub

Support a personalized and engaging candidate experience using intuitive video creation tools that showcase company culture and highlight invaluable insights that help people find the right job.Book a Demo

Record, showcase, and elevate your brand

  • Improve Candidate Engagement

    Create a more immersive video experience that gives a holistic overview of each position and drives candidates to apply.

  • Showcase Differentiation

    Put your mission and values at the forefront with authentic videos that feature everyday employees, highlighting what sets your organization apart from competitors.

  • Personalize Each Experience

    Provide insights into the day-to-day aspects of the job, allowing candidates to assess their fit within the organization.

Revolutionize your recruitment strategy

Capture candidates' attention with compelling content that encourages them to apply.
Phenom Video Hub - Increased Job Seeker Engagement
Help candidates assess their fit within the organization by providing a clearer understanding of your culture and values.
Phenom Video Hub - A Better Culture Fit
Strengthen your employer brand by highlighting the unique aspects of the company, such as its mission, values, and work environment.
Phenom Video Hub - Enhanced Employee Brand
View and analyze the impact your videos have on the candidates navigating your career site, and how they help drive applications.
Phenom Video Hub - Powerful Insights & Analytics

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