Jenn ThomasNovember 18, 2022
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How AtWork Group is Staffing Faster and Growing Their Business

Recognized as one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing staffing agencies, AtWork Group depends on generating a steady flow of qualified applicants for its clients. Also a franchise-based firm with nearly 100 locations from coast to coast, their success hinges heavily on how well franchise owners attract, engage, and convert job seekers into hires.

A few years ago, however, the company realized its website user experience (UX) didn’t cater to its main source of traffic: job candidates.

Wanting to take the friction out of the job search and apply process, Jason Leverant, President and COO, searched for a solution to address these goals:

  • Provide more intuitive navigation. Getting to the right job involved too many clicks and too much guessing on the part of job seekers.
  • Streamline the apply process. Online applicants faced a “massive questionnaire” that resulted in excessive drop-off, according to Leverant. They needed an optimized experience that would enable candidate data to flow seamlessly from system to system, allowing for nimble management and rapid movement through the pipeline.

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The Solution

Initially, Leverant searched for a solution that would make the AtWork website function more like a job board — but where site visitors could seamlessly find a job based on skills, interest, experience, and location. After looking at several plug-and-play job board software vendors, Leverant wasn’t impressed. Then Phenom came on his radar.

Once Leverant saw the breadth of benefits offered by the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform, what started as an initiative to overhaul the website turned into an effort to improve the entire talent acquisition process.

“For us, it’s all about speed to lead,” Leverant said. “It’s about getting candidates in the system quickly, engaging with them immediately after application, and then deploying them out on assignment once they get through the interview process. Any fall-off is lost revenue for us.”

While a Phenom Career Site could bring hyper-personalized job search functionality to AtWork’s website, Leverant quickly realized the platform could also help them manage the entire talent experience — from attraction, lead capture, ongoing candidate engagement, and application conversion to employee engagement and retention.

In combination with their career site, they’re currently using:

  • Phenom Hosted Apply to create a seamless optimized application process
  • Phenom Chatbot to help candidates quickly search and apply for relevant roles
  • Phenom CRM, Campaigns and SMS to identify, engage, and convert candidates with a better experience, deeper intelligence and hyper-personalized automation beyond the initial touchpoint.

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The Results

With increased operational efficiency, a streamlined application process, and seamless data integration with Phenom’s HRIS Experience, AtWork has seen a 176% increase in total applications, better conversion rates, and a 165% increase in number of hires year over year.

“Moving to Phenom’s hosted apply process, the start to completion ratio is near 100 percent,” Leverant revealed. And with a 237% increase in completed applications, their number of hires increased 165% — also decreasing their time to hire.

AtWork Results After Implementing Phenom

Along with a vastly improved UX, the platform has added value in terms of candidate engagement through email and text campaigns and its career site talent community feature, which lets AtWork keep the brand top-of-mind with warm leads.

The company’s corporate talent acquisition team can now deliver at scale to franchise owners nationwide. “We’re able to provide a great, frictionless online process that delivers candidates right to their doorstep,” Leverant said.

“With Phenom, we're delivering more quality candidates to our clients and growing our own business faster. ”

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