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Recruiters Using Workday: Reduce Candidate Drop-Off Rates with Hosted Apply

Since 2014, Phenom has worked with Workday to become a Certified Partner for candidate experience by integrating with Workday Recruiting. This integration enhances the front end experience in many ways—one of the most powerful being a hosted application process, often called hosted apply. Every action, from that first apply click to application submission, takes place directly on the career site.

The fact is, candidates abandon an application if after hitting “apply” they are immediately thrown into an ATS that does not have the same look and feel as the career site they were just browsing. A clunky apply process not only inconveniences them, but it also signals that your company is stuck in the past. So, naturally, they move on.

Why would you let a candidate go from “This is awesome” to “What the—”?

To stop this from happening, you want to create an unbroken candidate experience with hosted apply. For Workday customers integrating with Phenom, this can increase visit-to-apply conversion rates by 114%.

Start with an engaging career site...

Keep in mind that about two-thirds of job seekers are not going to your homepage first. They come over by clicking a job description from a job board. If they are only mildly interested in the job that brought them over, they’re more likely to leave during this phase, unless you give them more to explore. Your career site should include these elements:

  • Employer Branding
  • Similar Jobs
  • Job Alert Subscription
  • Talent Community

What’s more, an AI-powered career site offers even more personalization, including tailored job recommendations based on candidates’ job history and interests. Busy job seekers can save jobs in a "job cart," similar to a shopping cart on an e-commerce site. When they come back, not only will they be able to view those jobs again, but AI remembers what all candidates were looking at during their last visit and extends the personalized job search experience for them.

So now that you have engaged candidates on your career site, how can you keep them moving through the apply process?

...Delight with a chatbot...

Keep your candidates captivated during the apply process with a chatbot on your career site. These chatbots are your candidates’ virtual assistants that guide them to their perfect jobs and answer their discovery phase questions.

A good chatbot asks questions to learn more about the job seekers’ needs, and proactively tailors the entire conversation based on their responses. And when candidates are a perfect fit for a role, they can move more fluidly through the screening process by scheduling an interview with a recruiter right then and there, in the chatbot itself.

Job seekers can ask a plethora of questions about your company, such as benefits, leadership information, company culture, and more. If the candidate isn’t a fit for a specific job, they will know right away, yet they will have a favorable brand impression because you didn’t waste their time. That means they will be more likely to come back later when more opportunities are available.

Conversely, if they are the perfect fit, they will be even more excited to apply because the whole experience had that personal touch. So don’t lose them now!

...Convert with hosted apply.

So let’s say you have delighted your candidates during the discovery phase and they are now very eager to join your company. The last thing you want to do is give them another site to jump over to—and one that is sluggish to boot. With hosted apply, the candidates stay right on the career site while they fill out the application—no need for more clicks or scrambling for login information.

Now you have delighted candidates and converted them. Feeling surreal?

Well, everything we just discussed is possible with a seamless integration between the career site (accompanied with a chatbot) and an ATS or HCM system—which is what you get with the Phenom + Workday Recruiting integration. And the numbers don’t lie: Phenom increases apply-start-to-complete conversion rates from 40% to 80% compared to using Workday alone.

Ready to see the Phenom + Workday Recruiting integration in action?

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