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Bi-Weekly RoundUp: 10/20 - 11/3

Between Snap's expectation of a hiring reduction and Whole Foods holding a nationwide hiring day to accommodate for their growth, we aggregated the highs and lows of business talent acquisition along with a ranking of the 50 top startups LinkedIn analyzed. Read all about it in this week's Phenom People Bi-Weekly Roundup!

Snap anticipates a hiring stall and lays off recruiters

After laying off around a dozen members of the hardware division in September, Snapchat is now taking the layoffs to their recruitment division in anticipation of slower hiring next year. Snap Inc. has let go 18 members after Snap CEO, Evan Spiegel, had emailed staff addressing Snap Inc.’s slowdown in hiring for 2018. This move also comes after Snapchat nearly tripled its employee headcount towards the end of 2016, hiring roughly 2600 employees. Snapchat could be looking to control costs after coming under fire from investors for their lower-than-expected earnings in preceding months. Overall, Snapchat hasn’t been doing too hot recently.

You can read more their declining sales here.

Whole Foods is Hiring - Amazon Style

This past Thursday, Whole Foods held a nationwide hiring day, similar to that of Amazon. The grocery chain plans to add 6,000 employees to its workforce with opportunities ranging from seasonal to full-time employment. Amazon had bought Whole Foods back in August for $13.7 billion, and prices of multiple items dropped. So far, Amazon has had quite the impact on the grocery chain. It makes you wonder, what other changes will follow? Regardless, Whole Foods is enticing it’s prospective candidates with a range of benefits including 20 percent in-store discounts.

Whole Foods holds a nationwide hiring day in Phenom People's Bi-Weekly Roundup

Read more about it here.

When one employee crosses the line, others shouldn't have to pay for it.

Maintaining company standards isn’t easy, especially when companies are experiencing growth. Different problems arise from different employees and all too often the company creates a company-wide rule to prevent any similar instances from happening again; but that's the issue. If a company creates a rule in spite of one employee, it could subsequently kill employee morale and even cause top employees to leave. Some of these rules include not allowing an employee to get promoted until they have worked at the company for more than six months, having strict requirements for attendance or leave, and even eliminating any form of self-expression by restricting what employees can have on their desk. Does your employer have similar rules that kill your morale in the workplace?

You can read more ridiculous rules here.

Are you effectively integrating with other generations in the workplace?

Too often, different generations fail to spend enough time understanding the way another generation communicates. This leads to lack of understanding, butting heads, and even decreased employee morale. However, there are ways that HR can better facilitate intergenerational integration in the workplace like avoiding generation stereotypes, conducting activity-oriented training so that employees of different generations can interact, and understanding that when conflicts arise it isn’t necessarily due to generational differences. A diverse workforce is a strong workforce, so it’s important to be able to communicate effectively with someone from any generation.

Communicating with colleagues is effective work practice in Phenom People's Bi-Weekly Roundup

Read more ways to facilitate intergenerational integration here.

How LinkedIn’s top 50 ranked startups made it on the list.

This week, LinkedIn released a list of 50 top startups that are disrupting their industries and attracting large pools of top talent. It’s no surprise that some of the top names include Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Slack, and WeWork. But how did others land on the list? To begin with, all companies are independent and privately owned and have been around for 10 years or less. Then LinkedIn examined many factors that included employee growth, engagement with the company, engagement with current employees, job applications, and hiring away from other top companies that were previously on the top 50 list.

You can read the list here, and check out the methodology behind the ranking here.

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