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Bi-Weekly RoundUp: 11/3 - 11/17

How do you feel about Glassdoor reviewers' identity being exposed? What about SNL's new skit with Claire from HR? Enjoy these topics and three others from our Bi-Weekly Roundup for 11/3 to 11/7.

Glassdoor reveals the identities of 8 anonymous individuals

On November 8th, a court order was passed, requiring Glassdoor to reveal the identities of eight users who were witnesses in a wire fraud case. Many are concerned by this ruling and fear the possibility that their anonymity could be compromised, especially considering that some users utilize the platform to report managers for their problematic behavior. This ruling could cause users not to post Glassdoor reviews, which would subsequently prevent employers from being made aware of these types of issues. The grand jury shot down Glassdoor’s argument that complying with the order would violate users’ first amendment rights to privacy and anonymous speech. What could ruling mean for the future of Glassdoor?

Glassdoor received a court order to reveal 8 reviewers' identities

If you want to read more about the case and how it went down, you can check it out here.

Is it possible to be a hardworking employee without sacrificing your personal life?

Today we seem to live in a world where “more” is “better”, and many times that mentality carries over to our professional lives. Too often we believe that the more work we do, the more valuable we will appear to our managers, which may lead to late nights in the office and even lack of sleep. This type of lifestyle could actually hurt more than it can offer success, growth, or job satisfaction; but is it possible to be viewed as hard working by your manager without working long hours and sacrificing your sleep? The answer is absolutely. By checking in with your boss, staying engaged, and knowing when to say “no”, you could head home in time for dinner without taking your work home with you.

Try making these 3 things habits.

SNL introduces Claire from HR

With sexual harassment allegations in every headline this past week, Saturday Night Live introduced a new character to their Weekend Update -- Claire from HR. Claire quizzed the host, Colin Jost, on the proper way to handle workplace relationships, the meaning of consent, and even indecent exposure. The various headlines and SNL’s skit are influencing many Human Resources departments to revisit their workplace training. While it’s difficult to create engaging training videos on the subject matter, it’s still very important that proper training is in place considering that nearly 48% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work.

Microphone for Saturday Night Live's new HR character

You can watch Claire’s skit here, and read more about the importance of sexual harassment training here.

Asking this interview question could improve your chances of being hired

During an interview, almost every applicant gets asked, “Do you have any questions?”, to which some respond something along the lines of, “I’m good”. Regardless of the reasoning, failing to ask questions could cause you to lose your chances of getting the job you’re applying for. Some hiring managers advise candidates to ask questions focusing on the four C’s -- connect, culture, challenges, and close. While asking questions framed around the four C’s will demonstrate your level of interest and allow you to connect with the hiring manager, could asking one specific question actually land you the job? J.T. O'Donnell, a past hiring manager, believes that asking what the company’s biggest threat to success was this year, and how will you (the candidate) can overcome it in this role, could increase your chances of being hired.

Read more about why this question could improve your chances here.

101 recruiting hacks that will help you hire efficiently in 2018

Lever just released their newest eBook framed around ways to accelerate hiring. The book covers over 100 fresh recruiting tips that you can can start playing with immediately and possibly implement for the upcoming year. The hacks are for everyone and can help in many ways including; leveraging data to plan your 2018 headcount, build stronger alignment with your hiring manager, and even raise the bar on diversity recruiting. The book also includes innovative tactics from talent leaders like Medallia, Netflix, and LevelUp.

Lever has an eBook with recruiting tips

If you are looking to hire more efficiently, you can download the eBook here.

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