Bambi GrundwergAugust 18, 2022
Topics: High-Volume Hiring

A Must-Have Action Plan to Boost Your High-Volume Hiring Efforts

Whether hiring for hourly workers, front line skills, or to cover seasonal business needs, hiring at scale is — and will continue to be — an ongoing challenge. With up to 30 hours of a recruiter’s week spent on administrative work instead of building candidate connections, companies need new strategies to help create the most efficient and economical processes that meet high-volume hiring needs.

So how can organizations stay competitive and meet these demands without sacrificing quality for quantity? AI and automation are at the center of it all, easing the application and hiring processes for every key stakeholder in the talent journey.

Our new High-Volume Hiring Playbook helps you assess your company-specific priorities, set your strategy, and build your own unique intelligent automation action plan — with examples and checklists throughout the guide to solidify your approach.

High-Volume Hiring Playbook

Download the complete playbook here or continue reading for a quick teaser.

Assessing Your Priorities

To build a solid plan for your volume hiring needs, you must first identify the areas of hiring at scale that take the most time for your recruiters — particularly the manual tasks that can be automated, especially at the early stages of candidate review.

For example, if you are requiring hourly employees to complete multiple rounds of interviews and skill tests, there are likely inefficiencies that can be streamlined.

The next steps in assessing your priorities include:

  • Looking at the roles you typically fill at scale and defining them so they are easy for candidates to recognize.
  • Taking time to think about the candidates you are looking to attract for your high-volume positions and planning your strategy accordingly.

Setting Your Strategy

In order to stay competitive, AI and automation are necessary components in your high-volume hiring strategy. It’s important to note that adding AI is not an all-or-nothing decision, nor does it replace the human element of HR.

When setting your strategy, it’s important to consider where AI can enhance recruiter productivity while dramatically shortening your time-to-offer.

For example, you can use AI to customize hiring workflows by job and automatically route candidates through early stages of job matching and profile building based on their expressed interest and experience. This will pull and push qualified candidates up to 90% more efficiently.

“Intelligent automation for tedious hiring tasks can improve efficiency in high-volume hiring by up to 95 percent by integrating the handoffs within and between discrete workflows, such as candidate discovery and profile data collection, campaign creation and effectiveness reporting, and AI-based matching of skills to job requirements, scheduling, and hiring manager feedback.” — 3Sixty Insights

Building Your Action Plan

If you’re hiring hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of individuals for similar positions, you want your recruiters to extend offers to qualified candidates faster than the competition. If your time-to-offer is measured in days — rather than minutes or hours — you’re at risk of falling off candidates’ consideration list.

So how can you stay in an amped up groove for hiring at scale?

After you’ve identified what areas of your recruiting process that can be automated, it’s time to consider which technology will help you realize success, such as:

“Filling front line, hourly, and professional positions as quickly as possible is no longer an HR mission, but a business imperative.” – Matthew Merker, Research Manager, Talent Acquisition and Strategy at IDC

Go from “Hello” to “Hire” in Minutes

Find out how you can go from a “hello” with high-volume candidates to a hiring action in as little as three minutes.

Download the full High-Volume Hiring Playbook to get started.

P.S. Feeling inspired? Get in the high-volume hiring groove by checking out our specially curated playlist on Spotify!

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