Devin FosterDecember 30, 2019
Topics: Recruiter Experience

How to Convert More Candidates Using Your CRM

After days—or perhaps weeks—of working with a hiring manager to create a new job requisition, it’s finally posted on your career site.

Despite checking off all of the boxes for a standard job description (e.g. specific requirements, required skills), only a few applications have trickled in. So what gives?

In this episode of Phenom Essentials, we cover how you can engage, nurture, and ultimately convert more site visitors into applicants with your CRM. Check it out now!

Video Transcript

Fun fact: Did you know that 96% of people who leave your career site never apply? They leave without even saying hello. If your conversion rate has the "win" percentage of a professional sports team, chances are you'd be relocated to Los Angeles next year. So what can you do to boost your job application conversion rate? I'm Devin, and this is another episode of Phenom Essentials.

What do we know about the 96% of candidates who don't cross the application finish line? Many of them leave some level of personal information, such as an email address and phone number. If they do, they should end up as leads in your CRM. But the job is not done yet. After all, they still haven't applied to any job posts. This is where personalization is key.

Curated job recommendations or targeted content is a great way to push them across the finish line. Send a friendly or even humorous email about how they haven't finished applying to a job—maybe tell them that they left you feeling like Richard Gere in Runaway Bride…

Okay—maybe humor isn't the best approach or doesn't align with your company style. That's fair. But sending them a personalized message through your CRM is still an effective way to engage them or let them know about job openings that may suit them. Send over rich content that's unique to your company culture or specific videos on positions that they've already looked at.

This is a great way to keep them engaged, promote your brand, and effectively get them to complete a job application, which is the overall goal. By engaging with leads using your CRM and all it has to offer, your conversion rates are sure to rise.

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