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Defining AI for Talent Acquisition: Personalization, Search & Insights

There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI)...

  • “You may not realize it but artificial intelligence is all around us.” -Judy Woodruff

  • “By far the greatest danger of artificial intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” -Eliezer Yudowsky

We can say with an undeniable truth that AI is taking away jobs. We saw this type of evolutionary advancement in a variety of ways: when the printing press came forward, scribes went away; when sewing machines were invented, seamstresses went out of business; and when cars dictated the roads, stablemen became scarce. In these instances, while some jobs were lost, entire industries were born. AI is now the next industrial movement, but the difference here is that AI impacts everyone, including HR.

What Does AI Do for HR?

52% of businesses will adopt AI in their HR departments over the next 5 years

Technology aids in achieving goals quicker and with better accuracy by eliminating time-consuming work. Think about your objectives:

  • How do I reduce time to hire?

  • How do I attract top talent?

  • How do I engage passive candidates?

  • How can I spend more time with the most qualified candidates?

  • How do I spend less time on administrative tasks?

Now think about the hurdles that make obtaining those goals a longer process:

  • Chasing talent instead of attracting it

  • Administrative tasks: screening, interview scheduling, maintaining notes

  • Spending time with unqualified candidates

  • Sorting through past applicants for new roles

When we couple AI and machine learning (ML) into talent acquisition, velocity is introduced to HR. The obstacles that stand in the way of our goals are abolished. AI infused into an Intelligent Talent Experience platform delivers the right jobs to candidates, the right candidates to recruiters, and the right teams for the company.

Introducing Phenom AI: the Best AI for Talent Acquisition

AI boosts productivity with whatever it touches. Phenom AI boosts the talent experience by impacting three key areas: personalizing the experience, enabling intelligent search, and providing actionable insights.

ai and people

This three-prong approach creates aggressive velocity for organizations to discover, engage, and retain top talent.

  1. Personalizing the Experience

Phenom AI works to understand the intent of every Phenom platform user. By doing so, it strengthens talent experiences that not only increase conversions but conversions of the right talent.

  1. Candidates utilize an intelligent career site that hyper-personalizes the experience by taking into account every interaction and datapoint the job seeker supplies. From dynamic content based on their profile, search history, and job recommendations, Phenom AI makes candidates feel extremely connected.

  2. Employees access an exclusive portal to internal job openings which recommend the best roles that fit their background. What’s more, it supplies career pathing options and automated referrals from employees’ alumni network, previous employers, and critical job openings.

  3. Recruiters exploit a dashboard that provides complete visibility into their tasks, jobs, leads, applications, and referrals at a glance. It personalizes the pipeline by matching skills with the compatibility of candidates to discover new talent and rediscover past quality ones.

  1. Enabling Intelligent Search

Candidates find jobs, recruiters find candidates, and talent management finds ways to engage and retain talent with Phenom AI. It does this in a number of ways that makes searching for a job or searching for a candidate simple.

When a candidate is on the career site and inputting a search query, the platform uses AI to enhance their search with a slew of functionalities: typo tolerance, synonym recognition, query expansion, natural language processing, prediction, along with many others. All of this is in an effort to get the right candidate in the right role faster.

  1. Providing Actionable Insights

HR practitioners have struggled with data quality and reliability. Phenom AI drives the right insights that provide quick discovery and rediscovery of current and existing candidates, cloud-sourced suggestions, candidate intent, and trends within the candidate pipeline. These golden nuggets of information deliver recruiters the qualified candidates they should spend more time with in order to reduce time to hire and cost per hire.

This information tells a bigger story than what candidates are looking for and starts to uncover why they are searching for jobs. AI can see that a candidate’s company is going through an acquisition or that its stock prices are plummeting and soon will experience a downsize. This type of data highlights the reason for the job seeker’s motivation and help talent teams bring qualified and eager candidates.

These components are applied to career sites, conversational bots, CRM, and internal mobility to power talent acquisition velocity:

  • Career site: deliver a hyper-personalized experience for job seekers

  • Conversational bot: engage, pre-screen and schedule candidates

  • CRM: discover candidate intent, engagement and fit score

  • Internal mobility: provide career path recommendations and employee referrals

Phenom AI Builds Business Velocity for HR

Without data, personalization, search, and insights are nonexistent and HR remains at the mercy of old fashion recruiting methods. Remember, AI is the next industrial movement. If you don’t have it, you might as well be riding a horse to work.

rocket gaining velocity

Phenom AI is powered by the observations 3 billion events per year from a network of over 100 million candidates, 8 thousand recruiters, 2 million employees, and 20 million job openings. This is what makes Phenom uniquely different and powerful for talent acquisition.

Phenom AI is not some future idea, it’s now. It’s delivering the right roles to the right candidates at faster rates than ever before. It’s time to embrace AI as it’s the new electricity - everything runs on it and is powered by it.


Register for our webinar, The Science of AI for Talent Acquisition, on Thursday, November 29 at 2pm ET / 11am PT, to see how AI is the scientific method that has been missing from your talent strategy.

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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