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5 Features to Look for in the Best Recruitment Marketing Platforms

In the competitive talent acquisition landscape, finding the best recruitment marketing platform is essential for organizations aiming to attract and hire top talent effectively. These platforms offer comprehensive features designed to optimize the hiring process and enhance candidate engagement. 

In this blog, we’ll explore five essential features to consider when selecting the best recruitment marketing platform. From a user-friendly interface and personalization options to automated campaigns and analytics, we’ll uncover the essential components that distinguish the leading platforms in the industry. 

5 features to look for in the best recruitment marketing platform 

Recruitment marketing is offering hiring teams new ways to connect with job seekers using different outreach methods, ensuring recruiters can meet candidates where they are while increasing the talent pipeline. Supported by the right technology, hiring teams can accelerate their recruitment marketing efforts in a scalable way.

Here are five features that you should consider when searching for a recruitment marketing platform to support your hiring strategies: 

1. User-friendly and personalized career site 

Today’s candidates expect a personalized experience at every stage of the hiring process — similar to how we expect online shopping to be: easy, straightforward, and full of customized recommendations. 

Through an AI-powered career site, you can effectively communicate your employer brand while delivering personalized content to candidates, offering a tailored experience based on their skills and preferences. 

AI also makes updating your career site on the backend easier which is critical for keeping your information fresh, timely, and valuable. Up-to-date and engaging content helps your business resonate with job seekers before they click the apply button.

On top of being able to update content quickly, your career site should be equipped with amplified search capabilities and an always-on chatbot. Pairing these features with personalized experiences ensures candidates can find exactly what they're looking for while receiving 24/7 support, streamlining how they uncover best-fit roles.

2. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool

An effective recruitment marketing strategy should be adding valuable talent to your existing talent pool or pipeline. But managing those candidates can be difficult if you don’t have the right technology to maximize the information available within your database. 

Using an AI-powered CRM equipped with candidate segmentation, automated workflows, campaigns, and intelligent insights makes a world of difference when it comes to identifying top talent for open roles. With intuitive features like talent rediscovery and dynamic lists, your team can quickly identify potential candidates for new roles based on desired criteria set through filters, such as skills, experience, location, or hiring status. 

A CRM should aid recruiting teams in matching candidates to current open positions as well as roles that become available in the future. Your career site and CRM should work hand in hand to funnel potential candidates into your talent pipeline that can be engaged with using campaigns, which we’ll cover next. 

3. SMS and email campaign capabilities

Nurturing job seekers is a critical element of recruitment marketing. Your talent pipeline could be full of best-fit talent, but if your team doesn’t have an easy way to connect with them, you could be losing them to your competition. 

SMS and email marketing should be used to reach candidates where they are quickly and effectively. 

When it comes to SMS functionality, look for features like one-to-many, text-for-info, and personalized individual messages — which are all capabilities that can go a long way when convincing job seekers to take the next step. 

Another way to nurture and engage potential candidates is through email marketing campaigns. Embed a sign-up form on your career site so job seekers can stay in touch with your company, even if they don’t apply to a role right away. From here, you can set up automated email campaigns that send personalized content and information about your company — or one-time emails when relevant job opportunities or networking events open up.

Creating well-rounded email campaigns is beneficial to prevent information burnout. Consider incorporating a mix of new available role notifications, company news, thought leadership, and company culture highlights to communicate your employer brand beyond your career site — and keep your company top of mind. 

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4. AI-powered candidate matching and recommendations

AI can help overwhelmed recruiters connect with best-fit candidates through candidate matching and best-fit talent recommendations. 

AI can cross-reference those inputs with the requirements of available roles across the entire organization by analyzing skills, experience, location, and other data points available within a candidate profile. This automated matching decreases the amount of manual work your team needs to do to find potential talent for each role, giving them more time to make meaningful connections and assess culture fit. 

For example, Phenom’s candidate discovery feature quickly illuminates potential candidates hidden within expansive talent pipelines to help recruiters hone in on which individuals they should contact sooner rather than later. This quick identification can serve as the basis for a campaign segment, allowing recruiters to send more targeted messages to best-fit candidates encouraging them to submit an application or book a screening interview. 

Overall, AI algorithms work as an assistant to your hiring team, offering insights and recommendations that can lead recruiters to connect with best-fit candidates faster. 

5. Comprehensive analytics and reporting features

Having a robust talent pipeline and automated workflows only gets your team so far when you’re looking to streamline the recruiting and hiring process. Supporting your efforts with a recruitment marketing platform that offers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities helps you create scalable solutions that can be honed over time. 

Here’s a quick list of metrics that you should consider looking at when assessing the efficacy of your recruitment marketing efforts: 

  • Web page views and bounce rates or time spent on page 

  • Social media engagement (likes, comments, shares, views)

  • Email open and click-through rates 

  • SMS open and click rates 

  • Number of completed applications 

  • Cost per application 

A depth of data-driven insights is necessary to highlight potential areas of concern as well as successes that should be repeated. Having all the analytics you need at your fingertips helps leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters make more informed decisions, leading to higher-quality candidates. 

Take your recruitment marketing to the next level 

Supporting your strategies with the right recruitment marketing platform is critical to ensure that you can continue to scale the successes of your hiring efforts. With data-driven insights, automated workflows, advanced screening tools, robust CRM capabilities, and candidate recommendations, your hiring teams will be able to identify, engage, and convert talent faster. 

At Phenom, we created numerous AI-driven features that will accelerate your hiring process and give your teams the tools they need to succeed. To take a closer look at what Phenom can help you achieve through our recruitment marketing platform, book a personalized demo with our team today

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