Holly PennebakerOctober 07, 2020
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5 Things You'll Learn at Phenom's Virtual Event: AI & The Evolved Recruiter

Recruiting high-performing talent can seem impossible these days due to issues like hiring declines, budget restraints, and employer brand flaws, and it's clear that something's gotta give. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the best resource for talent acquisition teams, and can provide the kind of help that recruiters critically need.

But AI is confusing, amirite?!

Our on-demand virtual event, AI & The Evolved Recruiter, demonstrates the roles AI can play in improving talent acquisition as experts in the field dive deeper into some of the most common misunderstandings, complexities, and roadblocks associated with AI — and then show simple ways it enhances and defines recruiting efforts.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll learn from each session:

Demystifying AI & The Evolved Recruiter

Speaker: Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-founder, Phenom

Address the most pressing, outstanding questions about AI, as well as the misinformation surrounding its ability to add value to recruiting. As we continue to work virtually rather than face-to-face, new technology becomes critical to talent acquisition success. During this session with Mahe Bayireddi, you'll learn exactly how AI-powered tech not only helps recruiters with day-to-day tasks — it also enables them to evolve and accomplish more than ever.

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Everyday AI: Understanding AI's Role in Our Daily Activities

Learn how AI works with recruiters rather than works to replace them. Talent acquisition professionals are revamping strategic initiatives with projects that require the minds and soft skills of a human. By delegating repetitive and time-consuming tasks — such as screening, sourcing, and scheduling candidate interviews, recruiters have more time to focus on strategic work, like building meaningful relationships with candidates.

Leveraging AI to Hire for Diversity

Speakers: Maggie Allen, Director of Solutions Engineering and Sumita Mehta, Senior Product Manager, Phenom

Connect AI to one of today’s hottest topics: Diversity & Inclusion. AI, using a fit scoring system and data-based analytics, can help facilitate a culture that consists of varied backgrounds, values, and points of view to create a sense of belonging for each member of your team. As for future talent, AI helps your organization reach candidates no matter their way of life, skill sets, backgrounds, or beliefs.

It's Personal: How AI Powers Candidate Experience from First Visit to Completed Apply

Speaker: Heidi Chapeau, Recruitment Marketing Director, Magellan Health

Meet and exceed the expectations and needs of unique candidates who visit your career site. AI and ML create and drive personalized experiences for job seekers, helping to connect them with the best-fit career within your company. During this session, you'll hear how Magellan leverages personalized job recommendations, intelligent search, and chatbot to connect candidates with their next opportunities.

The 5 Misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Speaker: John Sumser, Principal Analyst, HRExaminer

Clear up the misunderstanding of AI and machine learning (ML). AI and ML are not the same, and there's not yet an established limit on what AI can do. By diving into what's real, and what's not about the two very different technologies, HR can give AI the benefit of the doubt and begin gaining invaluable pay offs.

Conversational AI: Let's Talk About It

Speakers: Deepti Yenireddy, CEO and Founder, My Ally and Andrew O'Brien, Product Manager, Phenom

Tired of the never-ending stream of monotonous recruiting tasks? When half of a recruiter’s day is spent answering the same questions, or scheduling and rescheduling interviews, there’s little time left to truly connect with candidates. Meet your new personal assistant: conversational AI.

During this session, you'll learn how conversational AI provides human-like ways for candidates and employees to communicate via chat and email. Connect with candidates instead of spending so much time answering redundant questions, scheduling interviews, and other administrative tasks.

Ready to gain actionable ways to make AI beneficial for you and your team? Watch AI & The Evolved Recruiter on demand. (And we won't use all that "AI jargon" either — you'll hear down-to-earth language you can relate to so you can make AI work for you!)

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