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How Kuehne+Nagel Leverages Phenom Employee Experience To Empower Inside Talent

You can tell a lot about a company from its career site. But you can tell even more by how they treat their employees — and the opportunities they provide for personal and professional development.

Global logistics leader Kuehne+Nagel is already a step ahead than most in prioritizing employee experience, thanks to an intelligent internal talent marketplace that allows them to cultivate career growth and mobility for their people, and easily source from their own employees.

With approximately 78,000 employees across 1,400 locations, 100+ countries, and virtually all key industry sectors, internal job opportunities abound. But not if employees aren’t aware of them.

The key to success? Increasing transparency between HR, employees, and hiring managers.

The Need for Transparency

"We have amazing people who work for us, however we haven’t always been able to tap into it for internal hires,” said Sandra Aasma, Global HR Systems Expert at Kuehne+Nagel.

It’s a challenge many TA teams are all too familiar with. In most cases, employees don’t apply for internal jobs because they aren’t aware they exist in the first place. Without transparency, even engaged employees often look externally for opportunities to upskill and advance.

“We want to empower and enable our employees to take charge of their own careers,” continued Aasma.

The main question the team faced: How?

An Employee Experience That Empowers

Leveraging Phenom’s Employee Experience — which supports internal mobility and a host of additional employee-centric goals — Kuehne+Nagel launched their own AI-powered employee portal with goals to:

  • increase the number of internal placements

  • boost employee engagement and retention

  • reduce time to fill

Today, the internal talent marketplace, which they aptly named “Career Explorer”, empowers employees to do just that, without ever leaving the Kuehne+Nagel culture they know and love.

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Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

After an employee logs in, they are greeted with pre-populated profile information from the company’s various HR systems. The employee can then complete their profile, add additional information, and instantaneously view personalized job and learning recommendations based on their preferences.

In addition, they can access pertinent content on related job opportunities, development, and more.

Kuehne+Nagel employee portal examples

Grab essentials on how an intelligent employee portal can work for you

Delivering Impactful Results

“With the help of Career Explorer, our own recruiters turn into internal head-hunters and proactively search for, pre-screen, and reach out to employees with job opportunities that could be of interest to them, before searching for external candidates,” revealed Claudia Harms, Global Talent Acquisition Expert at Kuehne+Nagel.

"Like this, we are able to build a strong talent pipeline, offer hiring managers the best available candidates, reduce time to hire, and create an all-around better — even unique — employee experience.”

In just 2.5 months, Kuehne+Nagel increased their conversion rate for internal candidates 22% overall, decreased their time to fill for internal requisitions 20%, and achieved a 74% employee satisfaction rate with the experience.

results statistics

Making A Difference

Based on the abundance of employee testimonials across their career site, it’s obvious their efforts to put employees in the driver’s seat of their own careers are not in vain. Here’s just one example that showcases how Kuehne+Nagel’s employee experience is resonating with their people:

employee testimonial

And it’s just the beginning, said Harms. “We see big potential value add in the future for gigs,” she noted. On a larger scale, they’re also exploring referrals and an alumni portal, both of which support speed, volume, and quality of hire.

There are a lot of companies that say they care about their employees. But Kuehne+Nagel is a company that shows it.

Their corporate website touts: “Together, we build a company culture that puts humans at the heart of everything we do — a company that is as great to work for, as it is to work with.”

With such a strong commitment to caring for and developing their people, potential employees can rest assured that’s an accurate reflection of a company that does exactly what it says.

Gain key details from Kuehne+Nagel’s case study here!

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