Develop your #1 talent pool

Elevate your best source of talent: your employees. With Phenom Internal Mobility, you can encourage employees to apply for open internal positions, discover professional development opportunities, and advocate your brand.

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Boost Retention

Implement engagement tools that keep top talent invested in your company.

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Help Employees Grow

Provide visibility into all possible career opportunities within the organization.

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Fill Skills Gaps

Encourage skills development through tailored on-demand learning programs.

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Employee Portal

Encourage talent to find their next role internally

Allow your employees to search and apply for new internal jobs, all recommended to them based on their experience, skills, and interests.

Screenshot of a career portal for an employee
An animation of an employee choosing a career path and receiving a skills gap assessment
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Career Pathing

Automate job progression for all employees

Enable employees to identify job progression, future roles, and the skills required to get there with career paths that are designed based on their goals and company needs.

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Learning & Development

Inspire growth & eliminate skills gaps

Build up your workforce—and close the widening gap on crucial skills—by conducting a skills gap analysis and delivering automated on-demand training.

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Automate employee engagement

Implement a conversational chatbot that guides internal talent through finding their next role, signing up for company events, and making referrals.

An animation of a chatbot asking an employee what job category interests them
A screenshot that shows an analytics dashboard, a map of where most candidates are engaged
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Internal Mobility Analytics

Track employee engagement

Identify opportunities to better engage employees with real-time data and insights, including jobs they applied to, candidates they've referred, and content they consumed.

"You can go with four or five different providers, or you can work with one robust solution. Phenom TXM unifies our talent experiences, boosting our efficiency and quality of hire."


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