Jenn ThomasFebruary 15, 2023
Topics: Candidate Experience

How LLS Resonates With Candidates on a Deeper Level To Fill Roles Faster

When it comes to purpose, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has a lot to offer employees: the chance to participate in life-saving work with a global leader in the fight against cancer. “As a nonprofit, we’re rarely a salary leader, so we need to resonate with candidates on a deeper level,” shared Sharon Giotis, VP, Talent Acquisition and Internal Mobility at LLS.

Goitis identified two key areas of improvement and strategies to make their goals a reality.

  1. A makeover of their career site with the dynamic functionality and shining aesthetics that would do the LLS employer value prop justice.

  2. The ability to empower recruiters to source and engage passive job candidates and equip them to perform more targeted outreach.

Read the full case study here

Their Solution

A colleague’s enthusiastic referral led Giotis to the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform, which stood out for its capabilities and simplicity of use.

Starting by addressing their candidate and recruiter experiences, LLS implemented numerous core Phenom products to bring personalized intelligent automation to both their job seekers and their TA team:

  • Phenom Career Site and CMS. The all-new LLS career site, powered by Phenom AI, provides intuitive search navigation for job seekers and dynamic content population for recruiters and talent marketers. “The site is very organic now. It’s easy for candidates to find what they’re looking for. And it’s easy for our in-house team to populate the site with imagery that brings the LLS mission to life,” Giotis said.

  • Phenom CRM. The career site integrates with Phenom CRM, which serves as a central, real-time collection point for candidate data. This allows recruiters to build lists for personalized outreach and track candidate interactions with content. The CRM also makes it easy for recruiters to nurture silver-medalist candidates, and even engage in cross-messaging with candidate groups who may be interested in alternate ways to be involved with LLS.

  • Phenom Chatbot. Initially viewed as a mere add-on to the career site, the LLS chatbot has been key to improved recruiter efficiency by automating the sourcing of passive candidates and answering FAQs, according to Giotis.

What LLS is Achieving with Phenom

With Phenom, LLS has been able to cement their TA strategy and maximize their impact on the broader mission of the LLS community.

A key outcome? Reducing their time-to-accept metric 38%, allowing them to fill roles faster. “Before Phenom, our time to accept averaged 70 to 80 days,” Giotis revealed. “Now, we’re around 50 days. That’s a huge difference for us.”

Phenom Talent Analytics also give Giotis a way to evaluate the cost effectiveness of various job boards and ad placements. “It’s mission-critical that we scrutinize our spending. The analytics are easy to obtain and understand, which makes it easier for us to advocate for additional budget,” she noted.

“Phenom helps us showcase why we’re an employer of choice in the nonprofit sector and facilitates how our team contributes to mission-critical goals for the entire organization.”

To learn more about their success, read the full case study here.

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