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A Look at Lumen’s Customer-Obsessed Talent Experience

When multinational tech company Lumen set out to improve their talent acquisition and management processes while driving enhanced candidate, recruiter, and employee experiences, they turned to Phenom for a holistic approach.

Find out how they’re leveraging multiple aspects of the Intelligent Talent Experience platform — including Career Site, CRM, Campaigns, Talent Marketplace, and Referrals — to exceed job seeker expectations, increase recruiter efficiency, and fill up to 35% of roles internally with better visibility into employee skills.

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The Challenge

According to Lumen’s Annie Roberts, Talent Acquisition Operations and Marketing Manager, the team needed to be more agile to meet the speed of their business. Their biggest pain points?

  • A career site that was hard to update

  • Insufficient visibility into data, including employee skills

  • Disjointed sourcing and sharing of external and internal talent

  • Lack of transparent opportunities for internal mobility

The Solution

“The idea of a platform that could tie the experience together for candidates, recruiters, and employees was a big draw,” Roberts said when asked “Why Phenom?”

Initially, Lumen implemented Phenom Career Site and Phenom CRM, enabling the team to address their top priority goals:

Optimize their career site in real time. With the help of the Phenom CMS, the team can easily add pages and new, engaging content complete with videos to showcase job roles. We have a very fast-paced ability to make changes and alter pages as we need to,” Roberts said.

Improve recruiter reach and efficiency. Now all candidate data — external and internal — lives in one place: their recruiter-friendly CRM. Phenom AI pulls in passive leads as well as partial applicants, allowing them to reach high-quality talent through hyper-personalized, automated email and text campaigns. “It’s a much better experience for recruiters,” Roberts said.

After seeing how their new career site delivered a superior experience for external candidates, Lumen’s TA team added Phenom Talent Marketplace and Phenom Referrals to break through previous internal mobility barriers. “Lumen is a large organization, and gaining visibility into available skills has been really important,” Roberts emphasized.

The Results

Together, Phenom’s talent acquisition and talent management tools have empowered Lumen to be more efficient while staying aligned with company culture and leadership goals.

“Externally, we’re equipped to drive the right type of talent into our organization and into roles. Internally, we’re doing a better job showing employees the next step in their career and promoting job roles that match aspirations,” Roberts said.

In fact, since implementing the talent marketplace, Lumen has been able to fill up to 35% of roles internally while securing more high-quality talent in a notoriously challenging hiring environment.

What Lumen Is Achieving with Phenom

"Customer obsession is one of our core beliefs at Lumen. Phenom helps us keep our customers — our candidates and employees — at the center of TA.”

Annie Roberts
Talent Acquisition Operations and Marketing Manager

Up to 35% of roles filled internally
A thriving talent marketplace empowers more employees to move within the company, increase engagement, and align with the company culture of transparent opportunity. 

↑ Increased referrals
Notable increases in employee referrals is helping Lumen secure more high-quality talent in a notoriously challenging hiring environment. 

↑ Increased recruiter efficiency 
Having all external and internal candidate data in one place is a major time saver. Being able to automate mundane tasks and target the right talent with the right messaging at the right time, has been critical while recruiting through a tough market. 

10%+ increase YOY in career site chatbot conversations 
  9%+ increase YOY in apply click conversion rate
10% of applies to open positions from Phenom Campaigns alone

↑ Increased time spent on more strategic work 
More visibility into open roles and application and hiring status decreased support tickets from internal job applicants, freeing up the TA team for more impactful work.

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