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Maximize the Phenom Platform with Self-Service Learning

Over the years, learning has transcended traditional classroom settings, morphing into a dynamic process that adapts to a learner's individual pace and preferences. A recent shift has been from one-size-fits-all instruction to self-service models — which propel users on a learning journey, motivating them to adopt SaaS tools and platforms through self-governance of their personalized learning experience.

On this episode of Talent Experience Live, Hannah Gregory, Lead Certification Manager at Phenom, reveals the key capabilities a modern Learning Management System (LMS) requires to activate the core benefits of the self-service model for SaaS learners.

Read on for key takeaways, or view the entire episode below.

How have SaaS learning processes evolved over the years?

Yesterday’s SaaS learning format typically involved a massive library of training options, which was great… but without robust search functionality it was difficult to find exactly what you were looking for. Users also typically had to request permission to enroll in trainings and then wait for that permission to be granted.

So Hannah and her team decided to unlock a different kind of library. To stay aligned with shifting best practices and user preferences, Phenom’s Training and Certification Team launched a new LMS platform, Phenom Explorer, in May 2022. They also launched a new learner experience within the platform, The Phenom Curriculum Sets, in August 2023.

Their new self-service model gives users the freedom to instantly search, filter, select, and enroll in courses and certifications. “We wanted to remove all of those barriers, and put all of those courses and materials that are needed and necessary right at the fingertips of our learners,” Hannah said.

A snapshot into the user's self-service learner journey.

“We started directly engaging with our users to get their feedback and to really learn what they wanted to have in their learning experience,” Hannah explained. “Taking all that into account, my team and I wanted to build a new journey.”

A key theme in that journey? The ability to self-select trainings and consume them in the flow of work. That’s what online learners want today.

“It’s being able to pick and choose what you want to go through and learn in the moment,” Hannah said, adding that self-service, personalization, and ready access to materials are key. This helps users stay ahead of problem-solving, building up a foundation of knowledge that can offset being held hostage by support ticket wait times or other issues.

How can users tailor the learning experience to their own journey?

A modern LMS should alert users to new offerings, such as new certifications, courses, or learning plans.

Phenom’s LMS shares pop-ups that guide users to new and relevant content. In addition, it includes a built-in knowledge ecosystem and resource center with announcements for new trainings and courses with direct links to Phenom Explorer, as well as links to product help articles in the Phenom Community. This enables the all-important concept of learning in the flow of work.

Just as online shoppers don’t want to see irrelevant product suggestions, learners don’t want the white noise of off-base training opportunities, or to be inundated with new content before they’re ready to tackle it.

Phenom Explorer accounts for this, with learning plans adaptable to individual user journeys. Learners get a dashboard view showing trainings they’ve completed, and curriculum sets include the option to choose a role based on job title.

Tailor your course selection by role within the Phenom Explorer.

“[This helps] you keep building on the foundational knowledge that you’ve already completed,” Hannah said. “One thing that we’ve learned… is that if you push certification and a ton of content too early, it works against the learner journey — it’s overwhelming, and it’s too much information.”

This is why the ability to self-pace and self-select content is critical, she added.

What’s the certification process like?

Phenom certifications follow a curve, with short assessments (approximately 10 questions) designed to be achievable and give early learners the confidence and motivation to continue building their knowledge. Then come more challenging product experience- and persona-based certifications that test the skills of users with deeper platform experience. These are meant for users who have built up their knowledge and have spent ample time learning on the platform, helping them become a certified user of their Phenom products.

But baby steps are both celebrated and encouraged. “It’s that incremental learning that eventually amounts to the larger body of knowledge. We as human beings are efficient creatures,” Hannah pointed out. “We’re going to take the shortest road to success. We want to encourage that. That’s how people learn.”

What excites you about the future of Phenom learning?

Hannah is eagerly anticipating diving into data to gauge how the system is making a measurable positive impact for customers in terms of increased adoption, faster on-boarding, decreased support tickets, and shorter implementation times.

“Being able to measure that data and point to correlations would be really powerful,” she said. “We just want to continue learning how to improve and make our customer experience that much greater.”

If you’re ready to start maximizing the Phenom platform with training in Phenom Explorer, it’s just a few steps away:

  1. Go to the Phenom Explorer home page.

  2. Navigate to the Phenom Curriculum sets and click “Your Learner Journey.”

  3. Select a set based on what you want to learn, your project status, or your role.

Maggie Blehar

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