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The Must-Have Upgrade for IAMPHENOM: Pre-Conference Training Day

By now, you’ve already heard about IAMPHENOM — the #1 intelligent talent experience conference happening in Philadelphia on April 23-25. But what you may not know is that we have an entire day dedicated to training for Phenom customers on April 23!

Featuring a full day of live workshops, Pre-Conference Training Day is your chance to hear from our experts and your peers as they cover best practices to help you hire faster, develop better, and retain longer with the Phenom platform. Beginner and advanced sessions will be available for Recruiters, Sourcers/Coordinators, TA Managers, Talent Marketers, Talent Management, Event Managers, and HRIS professionals. 

At Pre-Conference Training Day, we have something for everyone. In-depth training sessions will cover numerous features and topics, including:

  • AI and automation

  • How to customize your CRM

  • Employer branding

  • Email marketing

  • Talent management strategies

  • Employee development

  • Advanced search capabilities

  • Candidate discovery

  • Event management 

  • Referral programs 

Grab your ticket here and keep reading to find out what this day has in store for you. 

Why Attend Pre-Conference Training Day at IAMPHENOM?

During Pre-Conference Training Day, you’ll not only be able to kick off the event a day early, you’ll also be able to attend exclusive in-person training sessions based on your skills and expertise, networking events, earn additional SHRM credits, accelerate your eligibility to earn your Phenom platform certification, and party with your peers in the City of Brotherly Love. 

There will be multiple workshops to choose from. Here’s what you can expect to learn throughout each of the workshops for Recruiters, Sourcers/Coordinators, TA Managers, Talent Marketers, Talent Management, Event Managers, and HRIS professionals: 

Recruiter Workshops

Whether you’re a beginner looking for foundational knowledge about how you can effortlessly manage candidate relationships within Phenom CRM or an advanced recruiter searching for ways to stay ahead of the curve, we have the right sessions for you.

These workshops are designed to help you stay organized and streamlined with must-have toolkits that unlock the full potential of the Phenom CRM — plus empower superhuman levels of efficiency across your TA teams. Here’s a quick look at some of the sessions you’ll see: 

  • How to Streamline Day-to-Day: Choosing the Right Tools for Every Task: Find out how to choose the right tools for everyday activities to reduce repetitive tasks and streamline your daily responsibilities. 

  • Unlocking the Power of Phenom CRM with Regions Bank: Discover best practices to help you launch career sites seamlessly, nurture leads in your pipeline, implement automations, and more in this dedicated session. 

  • Mastering Precision: Advanced Search Capabilities Unleashed: Learn how to navigate and utilize advanced search functionalities, efficiently follow candidates and talent pools, and leverage activity tracking. 

  • Streamlining with Automation: Spotlights, Tags, Lists, and Activity Mastery: Uncover how to leverage effective automation strategies to enhance productivity, plus hear from experts about how to master activity management.

Sourcer/Coordinators Workshops 

It’s vital for TA teams to adjust hiring practices and streamline efforts when attracting, engaging, and converting top talent. 

During our Sourcer/Coordinator workshops, you’ll learn effective ways your team can leverage AI and automation to eliminate time-consuming tasks, identify top talent faster, and manage your talent pipeline in a scalable way. Here’s a short list of the sessions you’ll see:

  • Elevate Your Talent Game with Alight: Activate Engagement and Sourcing Excellence: Discover how to build and manage talent funnels, improve candidate engagement, optimize candidate sourcing, and more. 

  • Phenom Power with Alight: Unlock Advanced Search and AI Efficiency: Learn how to utilize advanced search customization, implement projects for recurring positions, and harness the efficiency of AI and screening tools. 

  • Strategic Recruiting with Phenom Screening and Scheduling Tools: Unlock essential steps to screening and interview success, plus master the art of screening questionnaires in this in-depth session.

  • AI Scheduling Unleashed with McAfee: Mastering Efficiency in Interview Management: Learn how to leverage best practices for AI Scheduling, optimize interview setup, and harness hiring manager feedback.  

Talent Acquisition Manager Workshops

Setting your teams up for success is paramount, but determining which processes are beneficial and what areas need improvement is also mission-critical. During these workshops, TA Managers and leaders will learn how to leverage data to drive business decisions — plus, unlock a deeper understanding of reporting, data visualization, and goal-driven objectives. 

Here’s a preview of dedicated sessions that you’ll be able to register for as a TA Manager: 

  • Decoding Talent Analytics and Reporting: Discover how Phenom Analytics works to give you critical insight into candidate engagement and interactions, application conversations, and hiring process performance. 

  • Beyond Numbers: Mastering Analytics for TA Goals and Roadmap QA: Delve into analytics and reporting to unlock strategic success, plus learn how to create top KPI reports and customized dashboards to streamline data visualization.

Talent Marketer Workshops 

Connecting with candidates using marketing tools is one of today’s tricks of the trade — only if you’re using the tools effectively. During these workshops, Talent Marketers will discover how to maximize the active and passive search for candidates while strategizing, templatizing, designing, and executing marketing campaigns within Phenom CRM. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the sessions we have lined up for Talent Marketers:

  • Decoding Career Site Capabilities with Conagra: Discover everything you need to know about your career site analytics, including lead source tracking, strategic outreach, and essential widgets for enhanced lead generation. 

  • Campaign Mastery in the CRM: A Comprehensive Exploration: Elevate your understanding of Phenom CRM through a hands-on activity and Q&A session, plus hear best practices to avoid common pitfalls.

Talent Management Workshops 

Employee evolution is the name of the game and in this breakout track, we’re talking about the best ways to empower employees to grow while filling critical skill gaps within your organization. 

Each session in the Talent Management track is focused on helping you leverage all Phenom has to offer to encourage talent to travel along their career path, visualize their future within your company, and tackle upskilling opportunities along the way. Here are some sessions you can expect to see on this workshop collection: 

  • How to Navigate Internal Mobility with Ease: Learn how to leverage Phenom Talent Marketplace to execute programs that drive internal sourcing, generate high-quality referrals, and seamlessly connect employees with opportunities. 

  • Evolve Into a Skills-Forward Organization: Take a deep dive into skills data to see how that data can be used to execute talent planning, solidify career progressions, drive meaningful insights for managers, and more. 

  • Investing in Success: High Performance Through Effective Upskilling: Find out how to tie tools, like learning integration and mentorships, to employee career goals, plus hear real-world success stories to find out how companies like yours are fostering agility.

Event Manager Workshops

For the event masterminds, leveraging Phenom CRM is a must to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts before, during, and after each event. During these workshops, you’ll learn how to use the Phenom platform to create, manage, and promote events as well as streamline event staff management processes. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to boost your brand presence at both in-person and virtual events using innovative tools and best practices. Sessions include: 

  • Mastering Recruitment Event Strategies with SEI: Uncover the nuances of planning recruitment events and discover effective strategies for candidate registration in this dedicated training session. 

  • Navigating Live Events and Creating Replicable Systems for Success: Find out exactly what makes event execution successful, plus unlock tips about how to schedule engaging interviews and design impactful branding to leave lasting impressions.

HRIS/HRIT Workshops

Automating processes and workflows goes beyond your talent acquisition and talent management teams. During these workshops, HRIS/IT professionals will learn how to configure Phenom to meet your teams’ needs from an admin level for your organization. We’ll cover topics like permission management, customizable configurations, best practices, and more. Here are some of the sessions you’ll see:

  • Optimizing CRM Configuration and Best Practices: Explore the best ways to optimize your Phenom CRM configurations, plus unlock best practices for managing HRIS/HRIT and TA priorities to better align your approach to your technology. 

  • Navigating Application Performance Monitoring and Job Feed Tools: Learn how to leverage job feed tools, seamlessly align your recruitment goals, and participate in a Q&A session that doubles as a roadmap for implementation.

Join Us for Our Customer Appreciation Gala 

At the end of Pre-Conference Training Day, our team is hosting a Customer Appreciation Gala and dinner to show our appreciation for our customers. After all, without every one of you, we wouldn’t be able to help a billion people find the right work. 

During this event, there will be food and beverages available as we honor our premiere guests and recognize the outstanding nominees and winners of the Phenom Talent Experience Awards.

Don’t Miss Out on Pre-Conference Training Day 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have a session for you during our Pre-Conference Training Day. Space is limited! Secure your Pre-Conference Training Day ticket right now before it’s too late. 

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