Derek HermanNovember 19, 2018
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New AI-Powered Insight Dashboard for CRM: Key to Talent Acquisition Success

You’ve been tasked to source three qualified candidates each, for your five different job postings by tomorrow. No problem, right? If only your CRM didn’t look like a page ripped out of The Big Book of Baby Names. You might as well just close your eyes, pick, and hope they are a semi-decent fit for the hiring manager.

Now, instead of a disorganized candidate list, you have a clean and simple visual of your talent landscape. It’s an AI-powered CRM that sorts through the noise and identifies the right candidates the first time around. You immediately know the candidates who have the right skills, culture fit, and intent to work at your company. Feeling the stress melt away yet? That’s better.

It’s time to bring foresight and predictability to recruiting with the new Insight Dashboard for CRM on the Phenom Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM) Platform.

The Dashboard Overview

As soon as you log in, you are greeted with a personalized overview of your job openings, candidate pipeline, lists, and referrals. It’s a one-stop-shop of the opportunities you have at your disposal.

Here we have Jackie who has 24 available opened jobs, 1,565 leads to those jobs, 12 lists, and 1,231 referrals. Looking closer, we see that she’s gained 340 new leads and 24 new referrals since she last logged in.

Insight Dashboard for CRM AI for talent acquisition

She can now dive into her jobs and the leads who have come into the system to discover candidates.

NOTE: Passive candidates are untapped leads who are poking around the career site. This is one of the major perks of Phenom AI - identifying qualified candidates so you can actively engage with them. Most recruitment marketing tools don’t provide the visibility into passive job seekers let alone hand them over to the recruiter on a silver platter.

On top of passive candidates, Jackie can also look at the referrals. Referrals are that one golden source of top talent. They are recommended to you by a trusted source - your employees. The Phenom TRM Platform makes obtaining referrals from your employees simple and effective.

Referrals powered by AI for talent acquisition

Rediscovering Silver Medal Candidates

Just how the discovery of passive candidates is vital to recruiting efforts, the rediscovery of past applicants is equally crucial. Her jobs might not always attract the perfect fit. That’s why AI on the Insight Dashboard, affords recruiters the ability to dig into the abundance of past candidates they have accrued since implementing the TRM platform. It offers up candidates who are solid matches based on their work experience.

Past leads on the CRM powered by AI for talent acquisition

Future Proofing Your Talent Pool

The best thing about all of this data flying onto the dashboard is how granular Jackie can get with it. Phenom AI assigns a fit score, engagement score, and provides referrals to candidates within each of her talent pools. These scores highlight the candidates she should be speaking with in order to get the right hire for the job. Without this information, she would have to spend her valuable time reviewing every applicant and comparing apples to apples.

Talent pools on the CRM powered by AI for talent acquisition

Determining Hot Leads

At a glance, Jackie can see all of her candidates and their lead and referral status, the number of employees they are connected to within the company, and fit and engagement scores. The Insight Dashboard shows that she should put her attention on Kaela because of her referrals, connections, and lead status. She is an engaged and qualified lead waiting for an interview. Knowing at a glance how likely the candidate is to respond, goes a long way in filling a role more quickly.

Finding hot leads on the CRM powered by AI for talent acquisition

Taking Action on Insights

By selecting the job, she can see the number of leads, applicants, and incomplete applies. But what if these jobs have a low number of candidates? Jackie can take advantage of three options activated with Phenom AI:

  1. Share Job - post it to her social channels to increase traffic
  2. Ask Referral - email employees directly from the platform for candidates from their network

  3. Discover Leads - rediscover past candidates who fit the role and reach out to them

Insight Dashboard provides talent acquisition pros with a clear path to recruitment success. It significantly cuts down on time to hire and increases the quality of new hires. Jackie is going to be able to source those three candidates each for her five jobs because of the TRM platform.

Ask for referrals and find leads with AI for talent acquisition


Watch our recent webinar, The Science of AI for Talent Acquisition, on-demand for a first-hand glimpse at how AI is transforming how we recruit.

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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