Kristina FinsethMay 11, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Not Just Another Buzz Word: Should Recruitment Marketing Be an Official Discipline?

Even in the current talent landscape, I’m still amazed at how much hesitation is still present when it comes to embracing recruitment marketing as a necessity – and not just nice to have. Technology is constantly evolving. The more you fail to adopt the necessary solutions to move your company ahead means that more traction your competition has when it comes to the talent game.

In this post, I’ll debunk three of the most common recruitment marketing myths, and show why it’s not just another one of those buzz words being thrown around.

Myth: Recruitment Marketing is just recruiters sending emails and posting jobs.

Truth: Recruitment Marketing is much deeper than the typical mass emails to candidates or the post and pray method many recruiters still turn to as a reactive recruitment method to find talent. In reality, a robust Recruitment Marketing strategy starts by looking at and thinking of target candidates as potential consumers.

Just like marketing strategies aim to define the consumer persona, identify the multiple touchpoints along their individual journeys, and provide highly personalized and customized value propositions to get their attention – recruitment marketing is really no different.

Recruitment Marketing should be a focused and strategic effort at communicating to candidates in order to attract them to what your company has to offer. A comprehensive Recruitment Marketing strategy includes the following critical components:

  • Defining ideal candidate personas for targeted communication
  • Understanding and conveying of your employer value proposition
  • Career site serving personalized content and job recommendations
  • Email campaigns nurturing candidates along their unique journey
  • Spreading of messaging across all social channels
  • Deep talent analytics to help fine-tune your efforts

Myth: I don’t need Recruitment Marketing to attract people. Everyone wants to work here.

Truth: Even if you are part of a very large enterprise company where you receive hundreds of applications and resumes just for one vacancy – here’s a news flash. Not everyone wants to work for your company. Even deeper than that? Top talent wants to work for a good company, and they need to get the memo on what’s in it for them if they are interested in working at your company.

When used correctly, recruitment marketing amplifies your employer brand and showcases the parts of your EVP that truly matter to individual candidates based on their needs and wants. After all, no two candidates are the same, and that means they have different motivators and different journeys in the job discovery process.

Myth: All Recruitment Marketing software is the same, and it dehumanizes recruiting.

Truth: Recruitment Marketing software varies in capabilities. If you do your research, you’ll find that a lot of the solutions only handle one part of the recruitment marketing funnel really well – leaving a lot to still be desired.

You really want to invest in Recruitment Marketing software that is comprehensive from attracting candidates to converting them into phenomenal hires in your company. It should be intuitive technology that integrates with your existing tools, including your ATS.

Additionally, the automation aspect of Recruitment Marketing software is important, but it’s not meant to replace the human behind your recruiting efforts. It’s really meant to compliment your efforts, and create a more efficient means to attracting, engaging, and converting top talent.


Do you think Recruitment Marketing is still just a buzz word?

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