Mahe BayireddiSeptember 30, 2020
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Phenom Acquires My Ally to Transform How HR Uses Automation

Now more than ever, improving recruiter productivity is paramount to the success of HR. Every organization has faced unique challenges during the pandemic, but one thing is certain: AI and automation must tackle HR teams’ most time-consuming administrative tasks, such as candidate screening and scheduling.

In response to this, Phenom acquired My Ally, an HR technology company based in Palo Alto, California that’s known for its expertise in automation. My Ally’s software has been turning heads across Silicon Valley and the U.S. with its deep interview scheduling intelligence and conversational AI — we’re excited to welcome their employees and customers to the Phenom family.

How will scheduling automation improve for recruiters & candidates?

For recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers, every minute saved is a competitive edge. When recruiters are weighed down with tasks like scheduling interviews, they have less time to sincerely engage about job opportunities. Phenom and My Ally understand that the recruiter-candidate dynamic goes beyond identifying the right fit in real-time — it’s about building relationships.

My Ally’s automation technology complements our AI-based capabilities astonishingly well—showing potential to scale to other facets of TXM. While Phenom users can already schedule interviews via chatbot and campaigns, My Ally introduces the ability for select candidates to self-schedule interviews by naturally conversing with an automated assistant through email. By reducing the time it takes to manually coordinate with candidates and hiring managers, recruiters can focus on more strategic tasks like building personal, meaningful relationships with talent.

Why are Phenom and My Ally a good match?

My Ally’s technology automates the scheduling of over 20,000 interviews per month, proving it can provide enterprise-level solutions and uncover impactful data. Phenom values how a range of interactions can lead to refined insights for customers. We’re always looking to generate more learnings for our platform, and My Ally sharpens Phenom AI’s precision and efficiency in interview scheduling and the candidate experience.

Of course, My Ally’s products have also grown to be so effective because of their innovative team—another critical factor behind our commitment to this deal. Their employees in California and India possess the same core values that Phenom prizes: curiosity, responsibility, intensity, self-confidence, and positive thinking. These traits are the driving force behind their brilliance, which My Ally has fostered through its energetic, collaborative culture. Their team is versatile, having benefited from well-established workflows and exposure to multiple technologies. They will fit right in at Phenom.

How will Phenom continue forging the future of Talent Experience Management?

Phenom will never stop advancing the evolution of HR with our native AI, adaptive technology, and revelatory data. New trends are emerging at an accelerated pace, and we are determined to keep up by adding talent and pushing ourselves to think beyond boundaries.

This deal underscores our execution of a growth strategy that emphasizes constant innovation, and reinforces our commitment to enable organizations to deliver the world’s best talent experiences. Moving forward, we will continue to pursue strategic acquisitions that further strengthen Phenom’s position at the forefront of AI, automation, and Talent Experience Management — all for the purpose of equipping our customers with an unrivaled suite of products that enable them to create phenomenal talent experiences.

As we welcome My Ally to the Phenom family, we look forward to bringing more advanced automation to our customers, empowering them to enhance productivity throughout their journey.

To learn more about automated interview scheduling, we invite you to watch our on-demand webinar, Using AI & Automation to Schedule Candidate Interviews Easily.

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