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Phenom Acquires Employee Experience Innovator Tandemploy

The real supply chain issue isn’t toilet paper. It’s your people.

We recently took out a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal that said just that. Why? As labor markets continue to be pulled apart and reshaped, companies have one choice: Develop an amazing employee experience, or continue to watch people walk out the virtual door for the perception of a better opportunity.

Phenom helps some of the largest companies in the world solve the three most critical aspects of talent experience — the hiring, development, and retention of employees. With personalization, AI and automation, the impossible has become possible, not only for employees, but also for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. In fact, it's a topic we feel so strongly about that we created and hosted the HR industry's first and only AI Day to demonstrate the power of sophisticated systems of intelligence.

Today we announced the acquisition of Tandemploy, a company that has spent nearly a decade creating unrivaled employee experiences. Led by two amazing founders, Anna Kaiser and Jana Tepe, Tandemploy’s purpose is to promote a more human, fulfilling, and productive working world. And their approach has proven to help talent across Europe’s largest companies succeed individually, while advancing a greater organizational purpose. A key differentiator is their advanced matching algorithms that recommend pairings among peers, mentors, project leaders, and subject matter experts by analyzing skills-based data and individual goals.

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Phenom Serves Global Customers, Locally

With Tandemploy, Phenom establishes another office in Germany to help meet the rapidly growing demand for AI-powered talent experience solutions. Phenom currently supports companies operating in 134 countries in 43 languages — and this acquisition adds to our expansive international operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Phenom’s Already Robust Employee Experience (EX)

Employee experience is a pillar of Phenom’s comprehensive platform, and we are proud to equip our customers with the ability to reach highly sought-after EX goals — both efficiently and at scale — without adding another disparate system to the fold.

Take, for example, consumer goods leader Newell Brands, who is transforming how their people find, apply, and refer for internal opportunities, mentorships, gigs, and more, with the same technology driving their award-winning candidate and recruiter experiences.

Another example: how Southwest Airlines obtained a 700% increase in employee referrals with intelligent automation by making the referral process easy, transparent, and trackable — all while providing actionable employee career pathing at the same time. You can get a closer look at the role of AI in skills management and career pathing from our experts here.

Infused with Phenom AI and machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations and content, Phenom Employee Experience includes:

  • Career Pathing. Empowers employees to identify future job opportunities, as well as the skills needed to progress.
  • Internal Mobility. Matches employees to open internal roles based on their skills, location, and career path.
  • Learning and Development. Provides relevant courses, training, and resources that meet employees’ needs and interests.
  • Gigs. Spotlights internal projects that deliver experiential learning opportunities to develop new skills.
  • Mentoring. Connects employees with best-fit internal mentors using AI matching and collaboration tools.
  • Employee Resource Groups. Introduces employees to internal communities and networking opportunities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. Makes career opportunities available for all employees by clarifying equity gaps.
  • Referrals. Builds talent pipelines with greater speed and reduced cost as employees easily refer from their networks.
  • Alumni Networks. Keeps previous employees engaged to promote potential re-hiring and maintain brand affinity.

EX Is One Of Four Key Talent Experiences

Employee Experience is critical to evolving talent with the right skills and professional relationships. But it is only one aspect of the entire talent experience. The relationships among candidates, employees, recruiters, and managers are all interconnected; neglecting even a single one can undermine an employer’s ability to hire, grow and retain the right talent.

Integrating these experiences is the foundation of Talent Experience Management (TXM) — the unified approach that connects every stakeholder interaction throughout the talent lifecycle. As a result, candidates find the right job faster; employees learn and evolve; recruiters discover best-fit talent with efficiency and at scale; and hiring managers make stronger data-driven decisions to build their future teams.

Don’t miss our webinar Six Elements That Make or Break the Employee Experience to see how you can use AI-powered personalized experiences to develop and retain more employees.

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