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Phenom Launches Four New Product Features That Elevate Talent Experience

HR has entered the age of experience design. Are you keeping up?

From prospective candidates to long-tenured employees, people are seeking fulfilling, career-defining work experiences over the basic exchange of services for compensation. They expect more.

As the talent pool continues to dwindle, creating an intense competitive hiring landscape, teams are struggling to create dynamic career site experiences, engage current employees, and minimize operational cruft. There’s little time left for 1-to-1 engagement and strategic planning.

At IAMPHENOM 2020, the world’s largest talent experience conference, we’re unveiling four new additions to Phenom’s Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform to empower the world’s top HR teams to do just that – create and illuminate meaningful experiences, upskill and enrich employees, and cut the operational overhead that reduces productivity and inflates budgets.

Join us for a live session on March 18 at 11:00 AM PT / 02:00 PM ET to learn how Phenom’s latest innovations are transforming the talent experience.

True 1-to-1 Personalization

When candidates land on your career site, they have hundreds of questions they want answered, but it starts with satisfying one: “Is this the right fit?”

Candidates want to know if there are jobs in their location, open jobs that match their skills or experience, strong competitive benefits, a culture that matches their values, and a team worth joining. Large organizations attract a diverse slew of job seekers. Marketers aren’t attracted to the same aspects of the culture or benefits as a frontline factory workers might be.

Career sites that automatically display jobs based on simple personalization like location are no longer enough. Job seekers need timely tailored experiences that are deeply personal, relevant and resonant.

Phenom’s True 1-to-1 Personalization, powered by Phenom AI, delivers individualized experiences on the career site and beyond, helping you find the right fit, faster, and elevating the conversation on candidate and talent experience design.

True 1-to-1 Personalization is constantly working to surface relevant jobs and dynamic content in real-time, as candidates move through their own unique end-to-end talent journey across multiple channels.

Personalization example in Phenom TXM.

From first pageview to accepted offer, a career site with 1-to-1 Personalization will adapt to meet the needs of each job seeker.

Here’s how:

  • Build intelligent omnichannel candidate profiles based on-site behavior, searches, conversations with Phenom Bot, social sign-on, simple questionnaires, resume uploads, and many other data points.
  • Surface the details that matter, from hyper-relevant benefits, perfect-fit job recommendations, upcoming events, to location-specific perks, showcase the details that’ll pique a job seeker’s interest as they browse and search.
  • Craft tailored experiences based on each candidate’s journey, displaying unique content on your career site based on visitor status – new visitor, returning visitor, lead, qualified lead, or applicant. No coding necessary.
  • Provide instant “aha” moments as your career site’s content transforms in real-time as job seekers take actions.
  • Increase engagement on job descriptions. Phenom AI can automatically detect and highlight the most important content on job description pages to elevate info that job seekers are looking for.

True 1-to-1 Personalization delivers the right content at the right time at every stage of the end-to-end talent journey.

Phenom Gigs

The gig economy is transforming how companies find contractors and consultants for short-term engagements and projects, and how employees pursue their passion, gain new skills, and earn a bit of cash on the side.

Unfortunately, the experience is broken.

According to a survey from PeopleReady of more than 4,100 workers, more than half of workers plan to take on more gig work. 78 percent are motivated by more income, while 43 percent are looking to gain more skills. The problem: most companies are looking externally to satisfy their capacity and skills gaps. Not only does this cut into departmental budgets, it’s leaving key opportunities for employee engagement and experiential learning on the table.

This disconnect can lead to disengagement, and eventually turnover. When you hire colleagues over contractors, you create a culture of transparency, employee engagement, and intentional upskilling.

Phenom Gigs is an internal talent marketplace designed to satisfy this new and exciting challenge in the workplace. Leveraging Phenom AI, Gigs matches short-term work experiences or projects with suggested team members. Managers can easily see where internal talent might be able to support immediate projects needs, while employees can browse and discover new opportunities to grow, provide value, and potentially get rewarded.

Screenshot of Phenom Gigs

Static lifeless career maps are evolving. Employees are now seeking hands-on experiences over a simple list of skills, qualifications, and certifications required to be considered for a promotion.

Here’s how gigs is transforming internal mobility:

  • Engage your employees with real-world work experience and present your employees with unique opportunities to provide tangible valuable and develop new skills that’ll support their goals.
  • Save time and money when you tap into the potential of your internal talent before hiring external consultants or contractors.
  • Let Phenom AI match gigs with employees based on skills using the same tech that matches candidates with open positions.

Unleash the talent within. Engage, enrich, and retain employees, fill your skills gaps, and discover a new way to work and grow with Phenom Gigs.

Phenom Scheduling

One of the most daunting tasks in any hiring pipeline is scheduling a multi-person interview, be it onsite, over the phone, or through video. Schedules are packed, not everyone’s calendars are up-to-date, communication preferences are varied, and new conflicts arise daily. Failing to schedule an interview quickly and efficiently can slow down the momentum in the process, provide a poor experience, and potentially lose the hire.

Phenom Scheduling already leverages automated interview scheduling using Phenom Bot, freeing up hiring teams to focus on less administrative work.

New for 2020 is recruiter-initiated scheduling, a new way for recruiters to initiate the interview process, integrates with your team’s calendars and preferences, allows the candidate to select the ideal date and time, and keeps everyone in sync

Teams can integrate seamlessly with their individual or organization’s Google, Office365, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud calendars to provide interview availability in real-time.

Screenshot of Phenom Scheduling

Say goodbye those long “CC: EVERYONE” emails to find an optimal time for internal team members, and the lengthy back-and-forth with candidates to lock things down. Recruiters and candidates are spending more time attempting to schedule the interview, than actually having the interview!

Here’s how Phenom recruiter-initiated scheduling maintains hiring momentum and assists in the scheduling process:

  • Save time (and money) and decrease time-to-interview by allowing candidates to self-select an available time slot that works for both them and internal team members
  • Integrate seamlessly with your calendar to provide real-time interview availability.
  • Set your unique interview day and time preferences to designate when you’ll be available.

Stay in sync with internal teams and external talent when you let candidates self-select the perfect interview time using Phenom Scheduling.

Frontline Hiring Manager

Franchises, retail organizations, and large distributed companies encounter challenges when scaling their talent experience management efforts, as hiring managers across multiple regions and locations need focused and segmented workflows to source and hire candidates.

Giving these frontline hiring managers access to everything in a global database is too cumbersome. Giving them access to nothing leads to rogue external job listings, off-brand experiences, and use of disparate tools.

Phenom’s Frontline Hiring Manager allows large organizations to empower recruiters and hiring managers at their retail or franchise locations with role-based Phenom TXM access. Recruiters and hiring managers can manage their own jobs, pipelines, candidates, and messaging when hiring for their specific location or region. These team members won’t need access to an ATS, or the full Phenom platform to create, post, and fulfill their own jobs.

Equipping frontline hiring managers with Phenom TXM helps large organizations be agile and efficient as they build their teams in each location or region.

Here’s how Frontline Hiring Manager solves for this unique problem:

  • Grant hiring managers role-based access to Phenom TXM allowing them to create, post, and fulfill their own jobs.
  • Keep hiring activity private (for compliance or franchise privacy purposes.) Frontline Hiring Manager silos data so that users can only see information they create, or as allowed otherwise by an Admin.
  • Ensure branding and messaging is aligned by giving managers access to post to the corporate career site and use branded email campaign templates.
  • Save money by spending less on full license access to Phenom or your ATS.
  • Decrease time-to-hire and increase quality of hire across the globe by equipping more of your extended team with the best-in-class talent experience management platform.

Frontline Hiring Manager brings the power of the Phenom TXM platform to your retail stores, franchisees, and regional locations.

It's All About The Experience

Is your HR team ready to make your mark in this new age of experience design? Want to learn firsthand how these new features can supercharge your team and attract, engage, and enrich your top talent?

Join us on March 18 at 11:00 AM PT / 02:00 PM ET to learn how Phenom’s latest innovations are transforming the talent experience.

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