Phenom Named Among First-Ever ‘Strategic Leaders’ by Fosway

Jonathan Dale

We’re excited to share that Phenom was named a first-ever Strategic Leader in the 2021 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition! 

The report by the No. 1 European HR industry analyst solidifies Phenom as a sophisticated global solution whose rich suite of capabilities distinguishes it from alternatives by meeting the needs of complex enterprises — and achieving higher levels of customer impact and advocacy. 

Over 100 companies across the EMEA region rely on Phenom's AI-powered Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform to transform and upgrade their talent experiences for candidates, employees, recruiters, and managers.

2021 Fosway 9-Grid - Talent Acquisition

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Why It Matters

The single most important economic impact wrought by COVID-19 is how significantly it changed the nature and future of work. According to Fosway, the pandemic “cemented the shift to a virtual talent acquisition lifecycle” and created polarized realities for recruiters — some needing to hire feverishly to fill critical roles fast, with others challenged to reassign or displace talent en masse. 

Regardless of which camp organizations fall into, the “Great Rehire” (or the “Great Reboard” for European markets) is right around the corner. And Fosway reinforced that a talent-first approach is now “a pivotal part of modern recruitment” to prepare for what some are referring to as an impending “talent tsunami.” Analyzing data from the pandemic-altered market, the 2021 report indicates how well software solutions scaled and performed for customers during last year’s volatility — and indicates their trajectory for the future. 

The Fosway 9-Grid™ provides a five-dimensional visualization that helps organizations compare solutions based on the following key indicators: Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership, and Future Trajectories across the market. 

The report, which positions Phenom in the upper-right quadrant, solidifies us as a Strategic Leader whose Talent Experience solution maximizes both performance and potential.

Phenom’s focus on disrupting the candidate and hiring experiences, has resonated strongly with the market,” said David Wilson, CEO of Fosway. “Rapid growth in adoption in enterprise organisations, as well as expanded physical presence and multiple market acquisitions is further accelerating its success in Europe and globally. All of these warrant Phenom’s increased rating as a Strategic Leader for Talent Acquisition in 2021.”

What Sets Phenom Apart

Also identified within the report are several key market and solution trends that Phenom has already prioritized in order to offer robust capabilities across the talent lifecycle — all through the convenience of a single data-driven platform.

  • Artificial Intelligence. While companies that required hiring velocity and agility during the pandemic already realized AI’s value in successful recruiting, hiring and redistribution of talent, those that lost jobs last year are pivoting to better recruitment technology to prepare for strategic, efficient rehiring

    Enterprises must leverage AI and automation in the hiring process to remain competitive and thrive. But not all AI is created equal. Phenom's system of intelligence exists at the core of TXM, built on a vast network of data, contextual industry models, and deep learning to bring hyper-personalization and automation throughout the talent lifecycle

  • Candidate Experience. Transparent communication and agile decision-making underlie positive candidate experiences for both hires and non-hires. Phenom’s Candidate Experience offerings — including CRM, CMS, career site, chatbot, and university recruiting — help enterprises quickly attract the right talent, showcase their employer brand, build a robust talent pipeline, and convert best-fit candidates without sacrificing essential personalization and communication throughout the process. 

    Seamless ATS integrations and a hosted-apply process provide an unrivaled experience for recruiters and candidates alike. 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Employers are realizing that DE&I commitments must be a meticulously maintained centerpiece to their HR strategies.

    Phenom is empowering organizations to implement meaningful change with Employee Resource Groups, out-of-the-box accessibility features that meet strict Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and AI-powered fit scoring. A critical component in unbiased recruiting and talent management, fit scores rank candidates purely on skills, competencies, work experiences, prior job titles, proximity to job locations, and more. 

  • Video Experiences. Live video’s role in hiring will last beyond the pandemic, as more companies discover platforms that can deliver a seamless, efficient way to discover and engage best-fit candidates at scale without sacrificing authenticity. Phenom’s video features ensure global employers are equipped with the technology they need and talent wants.

    Organizations can convey their mission through their employees’ own voices, job seekers can quickly and easily create video-based resumes, and recruiters and hiring managers can offer live or automated video interviews. 

  • Interview Scheduling. Interview scheduling is one of the most tedious tasks for recruiters, taking up countless hours per week that could be better spent on high-level strategy and more personalized candidate engagement. Phenom Scheduling and chatbot drastically reduce friction among job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers, replacing logistical headaches with enhanced productivity and more meaningful interactions.

    With its streamlined ATS integrations, calendar syncing, and hosted-apply process, talent teams can accomplish everything they need to do without toggling between disparate platforms. And the ROI speaks for itself: one major software customer automated 90% of total interviews, saved 24,000 hours, and increased interviewing efficiency by 75% with Phenom Scheduling.

  • Talent Marketplace. Internal mobility is nothing new. But the demand for agility in various forms over the past year has catapulted the importance of employee experience and internal talent marketplaces that support employee growth and development. The most effective solutions need to include gigs, career pathing, reskilling and upskilling opportunities, as well as a referrals function to foster quality of hire.

  • Collaborative Hiring. Talent acquisition and discovery relies on clear communication and strong collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers. From defining roles and mapping skills to screening and scheduling countless candidates, any disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers can increase time to hire and decrease quality of hire.

    Phenom’s Hiring Manager bridges the gap between recruiters and hiring managers to empower both teams with new workflow tools, real-time notifications, and essential app integrations including Microsoft Teams and Slack. From requisition configuration to final decision, time-wasting tasks are eliminated and actionable insights keep candidates moving forward. 

A Reflection of Growth & Commitment to Global Customers

Not only does Phenom’s 9-Grid positioning reflect our continued commitment to relentless innovation, experience design, and product development, it also solidifies the adoption of Phenom’s AI-powered Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform on a global scale.

In just four years, over 100 companies across the EMEA region adopted Phenom TXM to transform and upgrade their talent experiences for candidates, employees, recruiters, and managers. Customer and global logistics leader Kuehne+Nagel, who leverages Phenom across their talent experience, is already a step ahead of competitors because of their investment in HR technology that supports all of their people.

“Through Phenom, we’ve been able to strengthen our centralized recruitment activities per hemisphere, build an external career site and adapt it to local markets, implement a CRM — and now level up our employee experience — to build the most sophisticated talent acquisition ecosystem there is to offer,” said Sandra Aasma, Global HR Systems Expert at Kuehne+Nagel.

As demand for our comprehensive offerings spiked over the last few years, we also acquired two European-based companies (Talentcube and Endouble) in the last four months, while opening an office in Munich to complement our European headquarters in Rotterdam. Today, over 100 Phenoms are based in countries including Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom — a testament to EMEA’s importance within our ultimate growth strategy.  

Another priority? Empowering our global customers with sophisticated technology that also meets tough industry regulations. Delivering personalized, remarkable talent experiences isn’t possible without data — and the security of our people, processes, and technology is of utmost importance. That’s why we consistently prioritize industry-standard certifications and compliances to ensure the highest level of data security, including GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and the EU Privacy Shield.

Leading HR Tech Into the Future

Leaders can never rest on their laurels. Moving forward, a company’s successful talent evolution will depend on their ability to become an intelligent enterprise that harnesses data, automates HR processes, and humanizes stakeholder experiences — and Phenom is dedicated to exceeding both industry and customer expectations. That means continuously innovating and expanding our platform, growing our global team, and providing unrivaled support.

“As Phenom continues to expand across EMEA, we’re excited to be recognized by Fosway as a Strategic Leader among so many high-performing talent acquisition brands,” said Jeff Carey, senior vice president of international sales at Phenom. “Our new position on Fosway’s grid signals that enterprises routinely pick Phenom — galvanized by our sophisticated AI-powered platform and steadfast commitment to customers. By constantly upgrading and launching new products, we always stay at the front of a rapidly evolving HR technology market.”

In 2020 alone, the Phenom platform was adopted by 25,000 recruiters, talent marketers and hiring managers — helping them hire over 2 million people and engage over 3 million employees. 

If ever there was a time for HR to shine, it is now. As companies drive to rebuild their workforces and continue optimizing growth, those best positioned for the future will be those who prioritize talent experience — and invest in the right HR tech.

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