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i’m marco

Meet Marco. Marco is a manager at your company who always tracks the same time-to-fill metric. With Phenom Analytics, he gains a holistic view of the entire talent funnel, allowing him and his team to dive deeper into what is and isn’t working.


shifting reports into intelligence.

To kick off every morning, Marco views his personalized dashboard that shows the most important metrics he needs to track across the candidate, recruiter, and employee lifecycles.

Marco can check up on the health of the career site, including total pages visited, pages viewed, and job seekers by location.

talent analytics

Make smarter data-driven decisions based on 
actionable insights, including source of candidates, 
completed and abandoned applications, as well as 
campaign and job board performance.


Add content and customize your 
career site in real-time using a 
simple drag-and-drop editor.


Project labor needs based on historical data, 
monthly traffic patterns and seasonal trends. 

talent reports

Transform your intuitive dashboards 
into clean spreadsheets and bring 
them to your next team meeting.

Hyper Personalized

develop data-driven hiring strategies for better ROI.

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make agile decisions based on actionable insights, trends & data.

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know where your leads originate from and conversion rates to measure ROI.

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access candidate and employee user data to optimize your talent strategies. 

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