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Automate Your Recruitment Processes With These If/Then Recipes

TA and recruitment teams are responsible for sourcing, screening, and managing thousands of candidates. Within the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform, automation recipes help get hiring workflows running without manual involvement from recruiters.

With a little “cooking” on the back end, recruiters can efficiently meet fluctuating hiring demands and build a stronger pipeline before jobs are even posted.

In this IAMHR product session, Kevin Smith and Ido Zur, Product Managers at Phenom, explain how recruiters can create automation recipes that allow them to create more responsive, personalized experiences at scale and save time in the process.

Read on to catch the highlights, or watch the full session below!

What is an automation recipe?

Created within the Phenom CRM, an automation recipe essentially consists of a “When-If-Then” statement. Think of these ai recruiting components as your basic ingredients:

When: The “when” trigger is a change in a candidate’s value or status in the hiring process that signals an automation.

If: The “if” trigger limits the criteria for running an automation — a key setting that allows recruiters to restrict the automated action to a targeted audience.

Then: “Then” is the repeatable automated action that will occur when something happens and if criteria are met.

Here’s an example: When a candidate begins an application, if the application is not complete after a set period of time, then an automated email is sent to encourage the candidate to finish applying.

The key benefits of automation recipes

Time. Leveraging automations is almost like giving every recruiter an assistant who’s always working on repetitive tasks that typically eat up valuable time.

Efficiency. Automation increases the speed and reliability of actions, eliminating “one-by-one” tasks so recruiters can effectively work at scale.

Reduced error. Setting the same action to occur repeatedly eliminates the risk of human errors like forgetting to send a communication or making email address typos. “This is a huge reason to use automations,” Smith pointed out. “It ensures that the same action happens when certain criteria is met over and over, and it allows you to be consistent and repeatable in your actions.”

Costs. Implementing automations reduces the manual involvement of recruitment teams, giving them more time to foster meaningful relationships with candidates for cost-effective hiring.

Visibility and control. Recruitment team managers won’t have to ask recruiters to apply a tag every time a candidate meets a certain status. “It allows everyone to have better visibility and control of what's happening so you know that every time a certain transition happens … the exact same result will occur,” Smith said.

Analysis. The ability to define specific actions — and ensure that they’re happening — improves strategic analysis across your entire TA team.

How Phenom users leverage automation recipes for success

Here are some of the ways TA teams are applying automation recipes for a more streamlined hiring process and a stronger candidate experience.

  • Communication, which allows teams to thank a candidate for applying, joining the Talent Community, or attending an event.
  • Driving applications by automatically following up with candidates who didn’t complete the application process.
  • Organizing candidate databases with automated list creation and tagging of candidates according to specific actions or criteria.

Your “cookbook” for reliable recruiting automation recipes

During the session, Zur unveiled a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Phenom’s Recruiter Experience.

“Using automations based on stats and user feedback, we came up with our own Automation Marketplace,” Zur said. “The Automation Marketplace is there to help you as a ‘chef’ to create your own ‘cookbook’ that could be useful in various cases.” The Automation Marketplace gives recruiters the freedom to create new recipes based on recommended flows that would be reflected by using Phenom’s suggested predefined automations.

Based on user feedback, Phenom designed predefined automation recipes to use for scenarios in a variety of categories:


  • Promote hard-to-fill jobs
  • Boost applies
  • Nurture passive to active candidates
  • Video assessment workflow


  • Increase registration
  • Follow up with event participants
  • Manage engagement pre- and post-event


  • Engage new subscribers
  • Create follow-up (drip) campaigns
  • Manage drip campaigns

Smart tagging | Tag candidates by:

  • Job title
  • Skill
  • Company
  • Hiring status

Lead generation

  • Recover abandoned applies
  • Convert leads to applicants
  • Boost referrals
  • Expand the talent community
  • Increase leads data collection

Taking a cue from the marketing world, these recipes address a significant challenge, Zur says: “One of the biggest problems that we are facing right now is that a lot of leads are coming into the CRM with incomplete information.” With this automation action, candidates with a low completion rate are asked to submit a resume for evaluation.

By putting recruitment activities on auto-pilot with automation recipes, recruiters are working smarter, faster, and getting master chef results.

Want to see Phenom’s automation in action? Request a demo today!

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